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Best Office Designs That Make an Amazing Workspace


We cannot deny that there are some best office designs out there that can make others envious. Well, an amazing boss, challenging responsibilities, and friendly colleagues may make going into work feel more exciting than tiring. But, let’s be honest that a beautiful office plays a big role too!

If you wonder where all those popular brands in the world come from, remember that brilliant things happen in amazing office spaces. In fact, some of the most awesome brands we cannot live without today have such a great office design that will make other’s officer envy.

From fitness centers to game rooms to in-house chefs to nap spaces, these companies have a workspace which makes them even more inviting for the most talented workers out there. Apply a job at one of these companies and you’ll look forward to landing at work every day!

Amazing Workspace at Popular Brands You Love

The headquarters of Etsy is one of the most amazing offices you can find out there. If you’re a crafter, you must know this brand very well. Etsy has an elegant, collaboration-friendly workspace which makes an incredible space to work. And here are the other best office designs you should know.

  • Nike NYC Offices

If you’re looking for some inspirations to create an industrial office, you should check Nike’s New York offices out. You’ll be able to find a lot of interesting things in this office. For instance, you will find a great cafeteria with the mosaic of Michael Jordan.

  • Airbnb Headquarters

For those who love traveling, Airbnb isn’t something new. This brand makes it possible for us to stay someplace other than a hotel. This idea is also reflected in their workspace. They have some meeting rooms which look like a group of camping tents instead of office cubicles.

  • Amazon Corporate Headquarters

Located in Seattle, this office is intended to be part of the community. Featuring indoor and outdoor spaces, Amazon offices are designed to offer more lounge and work areas. They also have an open floor plan that optimizes flow and let the workers drift while working.

Other Companies with Cool Office Spaces

Some of the offices above are surely worth to be used as inspiration for the best office designs. But, there are actually other companies that have cool office spaces. Credit Karma is one of the companies that match these criteria. It has healthy snack choices and in-house barista.

Besides, there is also Dun & Bradstreet which has such cool workspaces. A comfortable dress code, foosball tables, nap chairs, and on-site exercise rooms are some of the best features that you can find in their offices all around the world. These things will make any employee look forward to work each day.

Those are a few companies which have such a cool office space. Designing an office into a cozy place to brainstorm idea and work is quite trendy nowadays. You can use some of the offices above as inspiration to design your own office. Finally, hope you love these best office designs!