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9 Facilities Needed by a Coworking Space in Bandung

9 Facilities Needed by a Coworking Space in Bandung

Coworking space in Bandung is the choice of many millennials because they prefer jobs that are not too binding. So it’s not surprising that freelancers or freelancers are very interested because they can be run casually and provide promising income.

For that, they need a place that can support these activities. And one of the containers that is much looked at is coworking space. This shared workspace provides clear prospects with low maintenance costs.

9 Facilities Needed by a Coworking Space Bandung

Facilities that should be in Coworking Space in Bandung

For those of you who want to use coworking space for work, it never hurts to consider some of the facilities available in the coworking space.

1. Seating and table

The difference between coworking space and rental shop or building is located in the facilities provided. This also makes many novice business people choose coworking space as their new office. But not all coworking space provides the facilities you need to start a business.

Therefore, when deciding to rent a coworking space, you must ensure that the office facilities you need are available. One of the office facilities that must be available is a seat or table and chair.

This facility must be in the room because you cannot work while standing. However, some co-working spaces also provide a more relaxed workspace with carpet and sitting cushions.

2. High-speed Internet Connection or Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is one of the mandatory facilities in Coworking space. Because tenant activities are mostly related to the online world, then you have to set up an internet network with super high speed. Not only to send data to clients, but many also use Wi-Fi to play online games and watch favorite videos or movies. 

Quite often this is taken into consideration by freelancers in choosing workspace together. You have to make sure the coworking space in Bandung you choose has an internet network such as Wi-Fi. Make sure this internet network is suitable for your business needs. 

Easy and smooth internet access will also make sure all your work matters are easier to do. So that communication to promotion with consumers can be done.

9 Facilities Needed by a Coworking Space Bandung

3. Clean toilets

Even when you rent a building or shop, the availability of this toilet is a must. Likewise, when you rent a coworking space, these toilet facilities must be provided by the leasing party.

The availability of this toilet must also be confirmed by you. Do not just exist, but toilets also meet health standards. In other words, the toilet is functioning properly and is kept clean.

For that, you have to check the condition of the coworking space directly when you want to rent it. This is to ensure you avoid choosing the wrong and uncomfortable workplace. Given the uncomfortable workplace gives a bad influence on employee performance.

4. A comfortable pantry or cafe

It is inevitable if a newly started business always has more work. Especially during the branding process that you have to do, there will be a workload that takes up time and effort. To avoid boredom when more and more work, coworking space that you choose also must have a pantry.

With this pantry, you can simply brew coffee or other drinks for relaxation and get rid of boredom at work. Make sure the provided pantry is kept clean so you are more comfortable wearing it.

5. Personal Office

Some coworking spaces provide a private office or dedicated seat that you can use as long as you rent the place. This is the choice of many people because they can sit in the same place while renting the coworking space.

A private office also provides privacy for you and your work. It never hurts to rent coworking space that provides a personal workspace for you, so you can be more comfortable without interruption while working.

6. Meeting rooms with complete facilities

Maybe you think that meeting rooms are not that important because meetings can be done anywhere. However, the presence of a conference room in coworking space could be one of the considerations for renting coworking space.

Meeting with clients or colleagues to discuss projects can be done in the meeting room. If the room is equipped with a projector LCD or whiteboard, then it will be better because you can make presentations easily.

7. Event Room

In addition to private offices and meeting rooms, one of the rooms that should be owned by coworking space is event space. When tired of working, holding an event together with colleagues will be able to provide new spirit for you.

That is why event space is needed in coworking space so that coworking space does not seem boring like conventional offices.

8. Reception service and receive / send letters

Although the use of the internet has overcome the obstacles in communication distance, sometimes some goods and letters cannot be sent via the internet. You should think this well so that all these needs can be done easily without interrupting your work and employees.

Therefore, as much as possible coworking space that you choose should also provide the service of the recipient or sender of letters and packages. With the receptionist, then you will not be disturbed when the package comes in the middle you are working.

9 Facilities Needed by a Coworking Space Bandung

9. Air conditioner for the comfort of the room

With longer working hours, of course, the workload that you must complete is also more. For that, you cannot work in a stuffy and uncomfortable place. You need a workplace that is not stuffy, good enough air ventilation to ensure you are free to breathe.

Because of that coworking space facility that must be one of them is AC. The existence of this air conditioner will make the air in the room become cleaner and not stuffy. Other than that, air conditioning will also make the air fresher and cooler which make you comfortable working all day.

Other than those nine facilities, you must also pay attention to the concept carried by the coworking space. A comfortable and soothing atmosphere is very much needed if you want to work in a coworking space.

You should also think about the variety of package options and affordable prices before choosing a coworking space. Many coworking space in Bandung has provided complete facilities with reasonable package prices that can be your choice.

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