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Gojek Integrate Services to Coincide with Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary

Gojek Integrate Services to Coincide with Indonesia's 75th Anniversary

Gojek announced that it has integrated its services and applications which operate in four countries, namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. This announcement coincides with the momentum of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day.

Carrying the spirit of full freedom of work, this integration is at the same time a gift from Gojek for Indonesia because starting in August 2020 services and applications under the name Gojek are used in these four countries. Previously, services in Vietnam and Thailand used the names GoViet and GET.

Gojek Integrate Services to Coincide with Indonesia's 75th Anniversary

Following this integration, the customers also only need to have one application for various solutions and the service can be used in different countries. For example, customers from Indonesia can directly use the Gojek application in Vietnam, and vice versa.

“The flying of the name Gojek in four countries, to coincide with the commemoration of the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, has increasingly become a validation of the competitiveness of the nation’s work in the international arena,” said the Co-CEO Andre Soelistyo in an official statement, Monday (17/8/2020 ).

According to Andre, the company’s mission in Indonesia to continue creating positive social impacts and advancing the nation through community resource development, creating opportunities to earn additional income, and empowering MSMEs has proven to be the key to success in other countries.

“These three elements are our foundation in innovating to create solutions to problems that exist in everyday life,” said Andre.

Gojek Services in Other Countries are also Growing Rapidly

Furthermore, Gojek services outside Indonesia are also known to be growing rapidly. For example, Gojek services in Vietnam and Thailand are one of the leading players in food delivery services. Meanwhile, in Singapore, the Gojek service provides GoCar options that continue to grow.

“The integration of the platform in these four countries also represents the enthusiasm and dedication of millions of partners who bring the name of the nation to the international arena,” said Gojek Co-CEO Kevin Aluwi.

With this integration, the Gojek application for driver-partners will change to GoPartner. Later, this application will facilitate the activities of driver-partners to work by accelerating the process of updating technology and available features.

Gojek Integrate Services to Coincide with Indonesia's 75th Anniversary

Gojek Releases Comprehensive Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

For Indonesia itself, they has just announced a new initiative called Going Forward with Gojek. This initiative is an inclusive and comprehensive solution made by Gojek for MSMEs to shift to the digital world.

Through this solution, MSMEs can more easily implement digitization by utilizing the Gojek ecosystem. MSME players can use it in every business operation, from marketing, ordering, payment, shipping, to administration.

This variety of solutions can be used by all types of MSMEs, from micro to large. Apart from providing comprehensive solutions, Gojek also collaborates with several payment partners, such as QRIS and LinkAja, as well as logistics service providers Pos Indonesia, Paxel, and JNE.

Gojek Integrate Services to Coincide with Indonesia's 75th Anniversary

Apply the Principle of Cooperation

According to Andre, in this solution, it applies the principle of cooperation in helping MSMEs. Therefore, Andre hopes that the expected solution can accelerate the transformation of MSMEs and traditional businesses into digital businesses.

“By joining the digital platform, UMKM players are expected to be able to quickly adapt. Currently, only 13 percent or 8 million MSMEs are connected to the digital world. Through the launch of this initiative, I hope that the digitization of MSMEs will reach 10 million by the end of this year,” said the Deputy for Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Arif Rahman Hakim.

Therefore, Arif invites MSME players who have not joined online to be able to take advantage of sharing digital platform technology, such as Gojek or similar services. Thus, economic optimism can grow.