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Virtual Office Startup Werkplay Becomes Solution in the Pandemic

Virtual Office Startup Werkplay Becomes Solution in the Pandemic

Various problems above can be overcome, one of them by utilizing a virtual office (virtual office). Lince Atmadja, CEO of Werkplay as a virtual office provider service said that the virtual office has become a necessity in the business world today, especially in the new normal era.

In order to suppress and break the coronavirus transmission chain, several companies implemented work from home or WFH during the pandemic. However, when working from home, employees usually face significant obstacles, such as lack of facilities, unstable internet connections, and a less conducive atmosphere at home.

Virtual Office Startup Werkplay Becomes Solution in the Pandemic

“Now the term is normal, the concept of work has led to a new ecosystem, namely offices that are not too broad, but the facilities remain the same as conventional offices. Not only that, but the concept of virtual offices is also a necessity in the business world today,” said Lince through her statement, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

He considered there are several advantages to using a virtual office in the pandemic. Among other things can save the cost of facilities and office equipment. Users can also get communication connections and fast internet connections.

Offers Solutions for Layoffs and Cost-Effective

“With online meetings, and added digitalization from various sectors, everything can be done both at home and at a place that is not too big but has complete facilities such as a virtual office,” she said.

At the time of the pandemic, many layoff victims might want to start their own businesses, but they were constrained by licensing issues and did not have a representative office address. As a solution, Werkplay offers online licensing services and office addresses in strategic locations in Jabodetabek.

Virtual Office Startup Werkplay Becomes Solution in the Pandemic

“Werkplay has been present in several Jabotabek locations to answer the needs of young entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups because it has been integrated with the online licensing system,” Lince added.

For users who are reluctant to work outside the home, they can still use the services of a virtual office from Werkplay. Other services provided by Werkplay are serviced office, ready-to-use office space that is equipped with a desk, chair, and internet connection.

There are also meeting rooms that can be used interchangeably, both for virtual tenants and shared offices. “Werkplay also helps businesses to save employee salary costs, because there is a receptionist and office boy who has been trained in Werkplay,” concluded Lince.

Three Benefits of Using a Virtual Office for Startup

The emergence of various start-up businesses with limited funds makes VO able to support the sustainability of the start-up.

One of the reasons why the startup is very appropriate and suitable to use VO is for budget efficiency in the initial phase of startup standing. Because a new startup has 2-4 employees, it will be very difficult if you directly rent an office. By hiring VO, a startup can have a firm domicile address.

Virtual Office Startup Werkplay Becomes Solution in the Pandemic

The first advantage of using VO is that there is no need to worry about the company’s domicile for various needs, ranging from taking care of permits to establishing a company. Both of them already have a company address for office address information to the customer/client.

Third, it can improve the company’s image and branding if the company is located in a strategic area or the business center. Another advantage of renting VO, a startup can save operational costs. With VO, startups will be free of building costs, electricity, and other costs.

Management and administration requirements such as Call Centers, documents, and others will also be served online. Also provided a database to store various documents. “If you want to conduct meetings, VO providers have complete equipment. Just rent the meeting room according to the desired time,” said Lince.