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This Startup Presents Corporate Attendance Management When WFH

This Startup Presents Corporate Attendance Management When WFH

The existence of technology then becomes one of the supports for the sustainability of business productivity and operations. Not long ago, Talenta by Mekari released a mobile-based application that put forward a practical and easy-to-use employee attendance management solution called Attendance by Talenta.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) began actively calling for a new WFH policy to the public, especially in Jakarta. Directly, Jokowi suggested that the community must postpone all activities, including working outside the home and replacing them inside the house to prevent the spread of Coronavirus or known as social distancing.

The central and regional governments have now made active calls to limit the social interaction of the people related to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Some areas have closed schools, closed access to tourist attractions and public facilities, restricted public transportation passengers, to encourage business owners to apply for work from home to employees.

This Startup Presents Corporate Attendance Management When WFH

Work from home itself is not new in Indonesian society, although technology company employees, startups and agencies are usually more familiar with this system.

While in several other industrial sectors, there are still limitations in the implementation of work from homework systems, so HR in the midst of these conditions need time to formulate the best strategy for companies to implement work from home but also ensure that employee productivity remains measurable.

Talenta by Mekari Presents Online Employee Attendance Management

Suwandi Soh, CEO of Mekari, said that in the current situation, both elements of government, SOEs, business owners, are required to responsibly move strategically to support the government’s call for work from home for employees because health and safety are the main objectives.

This Startup Presents Corporate Attendance Management When WFH

“Adaptation to changes in the work system is a challenge because it must ensure that employees are safe but productivity continues to run. Attendance by Talenta we hope that it can be the right solution for HR to be able to do work from home that is measured properly,” he said, in a press statement received by Business, Thursday (3/19/2020).

With the selfie check-in and check-out feature and GPS-based location recording, employees will be able to make time directly from their cellphone. Not only that, business owners or HR can also manage attendance and monitor employee work hours in real-time.

The Application Can Be Downloaded Independently and Free

To get access to attendance, employees can directly download the application on their mobile phones independently and there are no conditions to be charged before using it.

“We realize that the work transition at this time may be difficult for some industries, we hope that the ease we put forward in the Attendance by Talenta application can provide a bit of enlightenment for business owners or HR teams who are certainly working hard at this time. In addition, we also provide access to the use of this application free of charge for 120 days in anticipation of the latest appeal from the government, “he added.

This Startup Presents Corporate Attendance Management When WFH

Not only highlighting live attendance and real-time monitoring features, but Attendance by Talenta also makes it easy for companies or business owners to manage roster shifts, it aims to set a healthier schedule for employees and avoid understaffing for business owners who have multiple outlets.

In addition, Attendance by Talenta can also provide a report of employee attendance quickly and without risk of miscalculation. This is expected to help the company in calculating the total take-home pay that is transparent, as well as assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of employee work hours.

Until now, this application can be downloaded on mobile phones with the Android operating system and can be used free of charge for the next 120 days if you register on March 17 – 31, 2020.