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The Pre-Employment Card Program Involves Startup Partners

The Employment Card Program Involves Tokopedia, Bukalapak and OVO

The government officially held the initial stage of the pre-employment card program and registration began in early April 2020. Startups such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, OVO, LinkAja to Ruangguru were also appointed as partners related to this program.

The pre-employment card is allocated for two million residents. Each participant will get varied facilities, ranging from IDR 3 million to IDR 7 million for a lifetime. This year, the government has prepared a budget of IDR 10 trillion for the program.

The Pre-Employment Card Program Involves Startup Partners

This fund is to finance job training and pocket money for participants amounting to IDR 650 thousand per person. The government will pay the training costs directly to the designated training institution.

They include Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Skill Academy by Ruangguru, Want to Learn What, HarukaEdu, PijarMahir, Sekolah.mu and Sisnaker. In addition, the government cooperates with PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk and payment technology (fintech) payment startups such as LinkAja and OVO.

“With the appointment of the Skill Academy as the official partner of the Work Card, we are confident that we can help more people achieve their career aspirations,” Ruangguru’s founder and Chief of Product and Partnership Iman Usman said in a press release on Friday (3/20).

Skill Academy is Ruangguru’s newest platform which contains hundreds of training materials and courses in the form of video classes, which can be accessed using the internet. The material is diverse, such as self-development, test preparation, design, marketing, and others.

The materials are taught by experts in the industry. Participants will also get a graduation certificate after the training is complete.

Participants Can Get Training and Certificates

The government plans to channel aid through the pre-employment card program starting Thursday (9/4). OVO and LinkAja financial technology (fintech) startups are involved in channeling these funds and have already prepared the technology. OVO President Director Karaniya Dharmasaputra said the company was involved in the pre-employment card program in three areas. First, participate in developing the prakerja.go.id website.

In developing the site, OVO and Bareksa sent five and two technicians, respectively. Second, participate in socializing assistance through the pre-employment card program. Finally, it distributes grants after the pre-employment card recipient completes online training.

The Pre-Employment Card Program Involves Startup Partners

“Recipients of pre-employment cards can later vote, aid will be channeled through several e-wallets, one of which is OVO,” said Karaniya, Wednesday (8/4). The pre-employment card is prioritized for young job seekers. The registration requirements are Indonesian citizens aged 18 years and over who are not studying or studying.

After registering, the working committee will screen the participants. The chosen ones will get financial assistance to attend online training through several technology companies such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Ruangguru, and so on.

Participants who pass will get a training certificate. After that, you will get an incentive fund in the form of cash. “OVO and several other e-wallets were appointed to distribute this aid fund. From the government through Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) to be distributed to participants’ e-wallet accounts,” he said.

OVO and LinkAja are Ready to Distribute Pre-Employment Card Assistance

Head of Corporate Communications of LinkAja Putri Dianita said, the company was ready to distribute funds for pre-employment cards. “We are ready and technologically connected with the government and BNI,” Putri said.

Previously, Deputy for the Coordination of the Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness of Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry of Economic Affairs Coordinator Rudy Salahudin said the pre-employment card would be launched tomorrow.

The Pre-Employment Card Program Involves Startup Partners

The amount is Rp 2.4 million per person, which is distributed Rp 600 thousand for four months. The funds will be channeled through an electronic wallet alias e-wallet. Participants will also receive IDR 1 million for training and IDR 150 thousand for work surveys. Even so, he did not want to disclose in detail the number of pre-employment card recipients who received the assistance.

Deputy Finance Minister Suahasil Nazara said the pre-employment card program was part of dealing with economic pressures due to Covid-19. “There is temporary income assistance. This Employment Card will also improve skills through training. So it is multi-objective,” he said.