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SehatQ support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries

SehatQ expressed its support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries

Health technology startup (startup) SehatQ expressed its support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The two industries had indeed limited their operational activities some time ago, as a form of compliance with the government’s call to deal with the current situation.

New Normal and ‘reconciling’ in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic began to be implemented in big cities. The hotel business until the restaurant returns to ‘life’ with a new order. Applying new normal is not easy in the F&B industry. Hotels and restaurants rack their brains. One of them is cooperating with health fintech to realize new normal.

SehatQ support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries

“SehatQ has complete health solutions to accompany the new normal F&B industry operations and hospitality, ranging from rapid tests to doctor chat features and online drug and vitamin stores,” SehatQ CEO Linda Wijaya said in a statement on Sunday (6/28/2020) as quoted from Kompas.com.

“By utilizing the various online and offline service features of SehatQ, we support the business of the F&B and hospitality industry, to get back on their feet while maintaining the health of both employees and visitors,” Linda added.

SehatQ Accompanies Restaurants and Bars in New Normal

Linda said, SehatQ accompanied Lucy in the Sky restaurant or bar, Monopoly Hotel, and The Gunawarman under the auspices of the Syah Establishments company, to return to operations and meet consumer needs.

SehatQ services for employees include a restaurant and hotel frontliners including conducting rapid tests, free Doctor Chat, and discounted prices for vitamin purchases at SehatQ Stores.

SehatQ support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries

Syah Establishments also implements new operational and sterilization protocols, to ensure the health of both employees and customers. Including cleaning the entire surface of objects in restaurants and hotels using standard hospital disinfectants, checking the body temperature of employees and guests, and providing hand sanitizers.

Placing a UV sterilization box, arranging the room to ensure the practice of physical distancing, to create a contactless dish menu, which customers can order through a barcode scan. Syah Establishments ensures that its employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of masks and gloves.

This Health Startup also Accompanies ITC Group in New Normal

The healthtech startup, SehatQ, runs various programs to support the revolving wheel of the micro, small and medium business (MSME) business. Covid-19 has a significant impact on the MSME business.

SehatQ CEO, Linda Wijaya said, in line with the direction of DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, regarding health protocols that must be applied during the transition PSBB, SehatQ collaborated with the ITC Group to prepare for the maximum reopening of 10 ITC Shopping Centers in Jabodetabek.

SehatQ support for the food and beverage and hospitality industries

“The role of SehatQ is to assist business people in being productive again in a new normal era, while still prioritizing the health of both business actors and business users,” he said, Monday (6/15).

The ITC Group has prepared a Health Protocol in the Shopping Center it manages. The ITC Group supports and carries out Government regulations that are enforced during this new normal period. ITC Group ITC Division Head, Christine Tanjungan said, visitors do not need to worry about returning to shop at ITC, because they apply the Health Protocol strictly and carefully for visitors, traders, frontliner personnel such as officers in the field, and the SPG.

“We also carry out regular cleaning with disinfectants, and provide hand sanitizers and washbasins to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” he said.

SehatQ services for business reopening assistance in Normal Baru include several programs for ITC tenants, employees and frontliners. Namely the implementation of rapid tests in several ITC locations, free online doctor consultation services, as well as special discounts for purchasing vitamins at the SehatQ online store.

Visitors, tenants, and staff at ITC are also constantly reminded through information posted in the building, as well as direct outreach to always comply with the Health Protocol during this transition PSBB. To support these efforts, SehatQ provides Health Protocol education materials.