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Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

Qlue has just announced that it has successfully secured new funding from investors. This time, the startup that provides the smart city ecosystem has won the first round of series B funding led by Japanese investor Global Brain through its investment group KDDI Open Innovation Fund III (KOIF III).

The Series B1 funding is also supported by other investors, such as ASLI RI and Telkomsel Mitra Innovation. According to Qlue’s Founder and CEO, Rama Aditya, Qlue’s success in closing the first round of series B funding shows the potential for the smart city business is very prospective.

Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

In addition, with the inclusion of this funding, Qlue’s scalability will be higher to provide smart city solutions that can have a positive impact on society in entering the industrial era 4.0 in Indonesia.

“This synergy exists because Qlue and KDDI have the same vision in accelerating city development based on smart city technology. With the support of KDDI, which has a global business network, it encourages Qlue market penetration abroad,” said Rama in an official statement received on Tuesday (8/6/2021).

For global market penetration, Rama said, Qlue will aggressively work on the Asian market as the main base for developing smart city solutions. The main focuses targeted by Qlue are Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, for the domestic market, increasing Qlue’s scalability can encourage industrial expansion into a number of sectors, such as health services, industrial estate managers, hotels, property development, to state-owned enterprises.

Presenting Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions

In addition to the plan, Qlue will also use this investment to improve a variety of solutions based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

This is done to strengthen the company’s position as a provider of the most complete smart city ecosystem in Indonesia.

Global Brain will proactively utilize its resources to support Qlue in further enhancing its products and contributing to the development of smart cities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, said Director of Indonesia Office Representative Global Brain, Sho Ikeda.

Meanwhile, RIonald Soerjanto, COO ORIGINAL RI, said, Qlue presents consistent solutions in implementing AI and IoT-based technologies. This is in line with ASLI RI’s vision and makes ASLI RI steady in investing in Qlue.

Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

“This is in line with ASLI RI’s vision to serve the market in the biometric security sector. Qlue’s technological capability in educating CCTV cameras is very strategic with our business plan, so this synergy can provide added value for ASLI RI and Qlue,” he said.

According to him, this partnership will have a positive impact on industry players in Indonesia because the use of technology will be more massive in the years to come.

Last year, Qlue successfully recorded a business growth of 70 percent compared to the previous year. This success was achieved because the company aggressively expanded its business to more than 58 cities and abroad with a total clientele of more than 133.

Qlue Ready to Implement the Smart City Concept in Karo Regency

Previously, Qlue together with the Karo Regency government were ready to present a variety of smart city solutions for the surrounding community with the aim of improving public services.

One of the solutions that will be implemented is the Qlue community reporting application which can be a bridge between the government and the people of Karo Regency.

Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability

Founder and CEO of Qlue Rama Raditya said the use of technology for Karo Regency could be a solution to the needs of the people who want a more responsive and transparent government.

Through the Qlue application, the community can also actively participate in the problems they encounter on a daily basis in the field.

“The smart city solution presented by Qlue can provide a more transparent and accountable government governance so that the government’s goal to provide responsive services can be realized in line with the data and community needs,” said Rama through his statement, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

The use of technology in governance can also increase public satisfaction and trust in the government.