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DANA Bisnis Help MSMEs Be More Adaptive in the Digital Age


DANA Bisnis are increasingly in demand by MSME players in Indonesia.  Now 250 thousand MSMEs in Indonesia have joined DANA Bisnis with a growth of more than 25 percent during Ramadan.

MSMEs that join DANA Bisnis run a variety of businesses.  Starting from traditional products typical of the archipelago, slang coffee shops, agriculture, to traders who trade in traditional markets.

DANA’s CEO and Co-founder, Vince Iswara said, the pandemic conditions have increasingly encouraged consumers to choose to minimize conventional transactions with physical money and online commerce is also increasingly prevalent.

DANA Bisnis Help MSMEs Be More Adaptive in the Digital Age

“The government’s #BanggaBuatanIndonesia campaign has also boosted the pace of digitization among MSME players. Until recently, the appeal not to go home during Eid has become a factor in strengthening the digital transaction culture and encouraging MSMEs to go digital by joining DANA Bisnis,” said Vince, in a DANA statement.

There are also several factors that encourage the growth of DANA Bisnis partners.  DANA’s Senior VP of Product, Rangga Wiseno said, DANA Bisnis was built and developed based on an in-depth analysis of the various needs, challenges, and opportunities that business actors must anticipate.

Convenience with DANA Bisnis

“Our DANA Bisnis presents as a solution that is able to accommodate the needs of business actors, as well as a solution so that their business continues to survive, be adaptive, agile, and continue to grow in the midst of various situations full of dynamic disruption,” said Rangga.

Following are the various facilities that are presented by DANA Bisnis:

1. Simple transaction with link

UMKM can send links to potential customers to make their payments and shopping experience easier.  Links can be sent via WhatsApp or other social media.

2. QRIS FUND to pay from any application

DANA provides a QRIS that can be printed by business owners.  With QRIS, customers can make payments from any application.

3. Accept virtual account payments or virtual accounts

DANA Bisnis provides payments through virtual accounts, making payment options more diverse and easier.

DANA Bisnis Help MSMEs Be More Adaptive in the Digital Age

4. Practically withdrawing DANA Bisnis balance

DANA Bisnis provides a feature to withdraw business actors’ DANA Bisnis balance online at any time to the desired bank account.

5. Check transaction history via the Dashboard

Each business actor is provided with their own dashboard, enabling them to directly monitor daily business conditions.

DANA Kaget to Become the Favorite Feature for Establishing Digital Gatherings

The DANA Kaget feature is one of the most popular DANA features for users during Ramadan, Lebaran, and post-Eid.

According to DANA’s official statement, the DANA Kaget feature is considered to carry the value of sharing as well as to build intimacy, excitement, and surprises that are increasingly interested in users.

DANA noted that the number of users increased by more than 51 percent compared to the same period last year. DANA’s Senior VP of Product, Rangga Wiseno said, Ramadan and Eid are closely related to sharing activities.

DANA Bisnis Help MSMEs Be More Adaptive in the Digital Age

According to Rangga, it is not only the obligation to pay zakat and alms, during Eid, people have a culture of sharing sticky greetings based on intimacy, affection, and attention to relatives or the surrounding environment.

DANA Kaget is a feature that offers an opportunity for users to share their balance with other DANA users, with the nominal amount distributed in accordance with the provisions of the fund divider.

It can be the same amount or different, the use of DANA Kaget has even become very useful during the pandemic, because it can be shared in easy ways such as via links to QR codes that can be displayed on the device screen.

Not only used to share with family or friends, DANA Kaget can also be used by MSMEs to run customer appreciation or loyalty programs.

With this capability, customer loyalty programs can no longer only be organized by medium and large-scale modern traders, but MSMEs or traders in traditional markets.