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MCIS’ Virtual Run Attracts Malaysians On Fitness Mission

MCIS’ Virtual Run Attracts Malaysians On Fitness Mission

The MCIS Life-Malaysia Women Marathon 2021 (MCIS Life MWM 2021) which concluded recently attracted many first timers attempting to take on walking, jogging, running and cycling activities as part of their regular fitness regime.

Debuting for the first time as a virtual event in line with the Government’s call to avoid large gatherings, this year’s race saw more than 1,000 participants from all age groups signing up in pursuit of individual fitness goals in the present pandemic era.

“Analysing the data post-event closure, we’re pleasantly surprised that our decision to take on the virtual avatar for this year’s race and open up categories for those who wish to walk, run, jog and cycle apart from the traditional full marathon, was well received,” said Karen Loh, MCIS Life MWM 2021’s Program Chairperson.

MCIS’ Virtual Run Attracts Malaysians On Fitness Mission

The main reason the MCIS Life MWM 2021 attracted newbies as well as returning loyal fans of the women-empowerment themed event is largely due to the non-competitive nature of activities appealing to a vast segment of our society.

“This positive development is encouraging news given that there is an intensified awareness among people on the need to maintain good health through balanced nutrition, exercise and reinforced immunity to minimise the threat of illnesses at large including the present Covid-19 pandemic,” added Prasheem Seebran, CEO and Managing Director of MCIS Life, who also thanked the Selangor Menteri Besar’s office for their undivided support towards the event.

Officially launched on 8 March, participants of the event had more than one month to complete their pledged distances through consistent workout schedules whilst ensuring full adherence to prevailing regulations on physical distancing, avoiding high-risk locations identified as Covid-19 hotspots, etc.

“Though the virtual version of the event just debuted this year, we didn’t forget about our loyal participants who are into full marathons, we did have a category for them,” Loh explained.

At the final tally of the MCIS Life MWM 2021, Chong Mei Sze, an avid runner since 2016, emerged as the winner bagging the prize of a sponsored trip to participate in the Shenzen International Marathon 2021.

MCIS’ Virtual Run Attracts Malaysians On Fitness Mission

“Shenzen International Marathon is scheduled to take place in December this year and against the rising number of Covid-19 cases around the world, we have also taken the liberty to offer Chong the option of joining the international event next year (2022) as the safety of our participants remain our main concern,” Prasheem said.

On the side lines of the virtual sporting event this year, a number of other initiatives and engagement activities centred on the theme of ‘health, wellness and fitness’ were carried out.

The ‘New Norm New Me’ campaign launched alongside the MCIS Life MWM 2021 witnessed Deborah Fiona Nonis from Bandar Utama, showcasing her self-transformation journey from the time of signing up for the event – she went on to upgrade from the initially pledged 150km distance to 250km after she reached the mid-point of the original distance.

Deborah’s perseverance and consistent social media postings to inspire others to join the MCIS Life MWM 2021 as a means to be consistent with their fitness regime was rewarded with a Garmin FR235 watch to support her on-going quest.

Some of the other truly inspirational stories emerging from this year’s event included that of Crystal Cheam who was 34 weeks pregnant (as of 8 March 2021) completing a 10km run as part of her pledge to commemorate International Women’s Day 2021’s theme of #ChooseToChallenge as well as the determination showcased by Ainaa Amira, who despite being under rehabilitation care post a sports injury surgery, completed a total walking distance of 100km!