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MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures Invest in Alodokter

MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures Invest in Alodokter

MDI Ventures as a subsidiary of Telkom Group, together with Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation (Samsung Ventures) inject investment into Alodokter, a digital health platform in Indonesia.

MDI Ventures’ support for Alodokter is a continuation of the previous investment which proves the strong belief in Alodokter’s growth and the alignment of its public service mission.

The funding will be fully used to optimize strategic steps in expanding the digitalization network of the healthcare ecosystem, and developing new products on the Alodokter platform.

MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures Invest in Alodokter

CEO of MDI Ventures Donald Wihardja said, Alodokter has proven the maturity of comprehensive healthcare solutions. 

From telemedicine to insurance, the health service innovations developed are suitable for Indonesia’s needs because they are easy to access and affordable. 

“This is why MDI hopes that investment support will help the growth of health services in Indonesia through the potential for collaboration with several BUMN entities in Indonesia,” he said in a press release, Monday (7/6).

“With the increasing need for health services, this sustainable investment is in line with Telkom’s mission to participate in developing innovative products in the SOE environment and continue to be committed to providing solutions for millions of Indonesian people,” added the Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Group.  Edi Witjara.

The Company Has Raised Significant Amounts of Funding

Alodokter is known to have successfully raised significant amounts of funding since 2019 from investors, such as Softbank Ventures, Sequis, Golden Gate Ventures, Philips, Heritas and Hera Capital.

The funding achieved by Alodokter will realize its mission as an integrated digital-based health service in Indonesia. 

Moreover, the Alodokter platform is currently connected to more than 43,000 doctors and 1,500 hospitals and clinics with millions of patients in Indonesia. 

MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures Invest in Alodokter

Through its platform, Alodokter provides comprehensive digital health services that include trusted health content, access to general practitioners and specialists (telemedicine), making doctor’s appointments at hospitals, purchasing drugs through e-pharmacy and offering affordable insurance packages.

CEO and Founder of Alodokter Nathanael Faibis said that new financing from MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures will be directed to continue improving the Alodokter healthcare ecosystem.

“We are grateful for MDI Ventures’ continued trust, and welcome Samsung Ventures to join us on our journey.  Many lines will be strengthened such as in technological innovation, adding experts, and adding features and functions,” he said.

Alodokter’s expansion is always focused on a fast, accurate, and reliable consumer experience on the Alodokter platform.  When this ecosystem service is further integrated with SOEs, more Indonesians will be reached by telemedicine services.

Public’s Acceptance in Telemedicine Increases Due to Pandemic

Meanwhile, Alodokter’s President Director and Co-founder, Suci Arumsari said the pandemic had significantly increased public acceptance of telemedicine, both from the patient side and from health service providers.

“We believe that now is an important moment to further intensify health services through digital technology,” he said.

Alodokter has always been committed to its initial mission, which is to provide access to the best health services for Indonesian families.

MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures Invest in Alodokter

“Therefore we are very grateful for the support of investors such as MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures amid Alodokter’s rapid development,” he said.

For information, Telkom Group has a mission to support innovation and is committed to providing solutions to millions of people in Indonesia. 

And currently MDI has invested in more than 50 startups in Indonesia and globally with a focus on investment in Healthtech, Fintech, Agritech, Logistics, New Retail and Deep tech.

Samsung Ventures itself invests in the majority of start-ups and corporations based on new and innovative technologies in the telecommunications, software, internet, bio-engineering, and healthcare industries around the world. 

Samsung Ventures believes that Alodokter’s health ecosystem can continue to be refined to become the most innovative health platform in Indonesia.