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Qlue Announces Additional Series B1 Funding from ICMG

Qlue Announces Additional Series B1 Funding from ICMG

Smart city platform developer startup “Qlue” announced an additional series B1 funding from Intellectual Capital Management Group (ICMG) Pte Ltd (Singapore) with an undisclosed amount.

Qlue Announces Additional Series B1 Funding from ICMG

For information, ICMG is a company that focuses on co-creating businesses in smart cities & smart villages, MaaS & logistics, healthcare & life science, energy & water, digital and sustainability (SDG) verticals.

ICMG is a strategic investor for Qlue to scale up our solutions in various cities in Japan,” said Qlue Founder & CEO RaMa Raditya on his personal LinkedIn page.

Previously in June 2021, Qlue received series B1 funding from Japanese telecommunications company KDDI, Telkomsel Mitra Innovation (TMI), and a startup developing biometric services ASLI RI.

It is known that this funding will be used to boost Qlue’s aggressive expansion into the Asian market through the development of integrated smart city solutions. Its main target markets are Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Strategic cooperation is also carried out with investors. One of them is the synergy with KDDI, both of which will integrate various platforms developed by Qlue into KDDI’s business line in Southeast Asia.

Qlue Announces Additional Series B1 Funding from ICMG

Qlue’s Expansion

In a separate statement, ICMG representatives said that this investment is important in presenting a safe and secure smart city, both in Indonesia and other Asian countries. The development of this solution can support further customer acquisition and expansion of Qlue.

In addition, this expansion is also in line with increasing urbanization around the world, where 70 percent of the world’s population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. This situation will certainly raise new problems, from security issues to improving the quality of life and economy.

Therefore, we plan to expand the company’s AI monitoring solution to various tier 1 and tier 2 cities in Indonesia. We also plan to expand to other regions in Asia, with Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, as the main destinations,” he added.

ICMG also said it would support Qlue’s expansion plan to Japan by leveraging its network to large-scale companies in Japan. In addition, ICMG will also support the synergy of subsidiaries and affiliates of Japanese companies that will expand to Indonesia.

Going forward, Qlue will strengthen its position as a developer of AI technology-based monitoring solutions in Indonesia through partnerships with government and corporate segments.

Qlue develops integrated solutions that can automate monitoring activities and increase worker productivity through AI-based solutions.

These solutions can be implemented in both the government and business sectors to drive a number of efficiencies, such as reduced costs, increased workforce productivity, and increased security.

Qlue’s current solutions consist of QlueApp (citizen reporting application), QlueVision (artificial intelligence-based CCTV video analysis), QlueWork (mobile workforce management), QlueDashboard (data visualization platform), QlueSense (IoT-based product solution), and QlueThermal (scanner solution). body temperature and use of automatic masks).

As of June 2021, around 120 cities/districts have utilized the Qlue solution. Several Qlue solutions have also been implemented in a number of countries, including Singapore, the Philippines, China, Japan, India, Russia, Australia, two countries in Europe, and four countries in the Americas.

Qlue Announces Additional Series B1 Funding from ICMG

Qlue Traffic Management Solution Wins Go Smart Awards 2022

Qlue has won international awards in the smart city technology sector. This award was received at the Go Smart Awards 2022 thanks to the implementation of the “Intelligent Mobility System For Township Management” concept which was applied to the Alam Sutera area, Tangerang, Banten.

Qlue is the only Southeast Asian company to receive this award. According to Qlue’s Founder and CEO, Rama Raditya, Qlue’s success in winning this award is proof that the solutions developed by Qlue have positive values ​​and benefits in accordance with international standards.

For information, the 2022 Go Smart Awards will be held in Taipei, Taiwan and coincide with the implementation of the 2022 Smart City Summit & Expo which is held every year.

This event was initiated by Go Smart (Global Organization of Smart Cities), a global organization consisting of 94 city governments and 110 smart city industry players around the world. This organization was initiated by the Taipei City Government.