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Mezink Makes It Easy to Create Landing Pages for Various Needs

Mezink Makes It Easy to Create Landing Pages for Various Needs

Indonesia has enormous digital potential. It is natural to have a dream of becoming a digital giant in the future. This is offset by the rapid growth of the digital economy.

Mezink Makes It Easy to Create Landing Pages for Various Needs

Based on We Are Social’s report entitled “Digital 2021”, the number of internet users in Indonesia was only 72.7 million people in 2015. Within six years, that number skyrocketed by 178.68% to 202.6 million people.

Still from the same source, active users of social media in the country were recorded as 72 million accounts in 2015. The figure then rose 136.11% to 170 million accounts in 2021.

Not only social media, society is also increasingly adaptive to electronic-based payments. The value of electronic money transactions also grew by 94.65% (yoy) from IDR 16.08 trillion to IDR 31.3 trillion in November 2021.

In support of the mission to become a digital giant, there have been various platforms to facilitate the movement of business in the digital world.

One of them is Mezink, an innovation created by the nation’s children, supported by an international startup ecosystem and involving stakeholders from various countries.

Mezink Makes It Easy to Create Landing Pages for Various Needs

Get to Know the Mezink Platform

Established in 2021, Mezink operates under the umbrella of PT Objective Teknologi with a vision to always innovate in the field of information technology and create tools or applications that can support the advancement of the IT industry and improve the economy of the community, especially creative practitioners in Indonesia.

Mezink’s Co-Founders, Mohit Garg and Tarun Valecha said, Indonesia has a huge market potential in the use of mobile applications in general.

For this reason, in addition to gaining market share in Indonesia, Mezink must be able to contribute to the improvement of the national economy by providing tools that can help users to transact and increase their online presence, both as individuals and businesses.

Simply put, Mezink is a service in the form of an application to create a landing page that displays a collection of URL links directed to websites, social media, marketplaces, and also links to receive payments or transactions/donations owned by users.

This platform allows users to create personal websites and manage the business as a whole and targets all groups of content creators, business owners, to freelancers.

This platform provides features to integrate marketplaces from Tokopedia, Shopee, to self-developed e-commerce sites. What’s more, on the Mezink page, users can display NFT galleries sold through marketplaces such as OpenSea, Foundation App and others.

By offering a page builder or website creation service, Mezink provides free access for users to get all the features contained in the application, including background customization, button color selection, text, and more.

In addition, every transaction or monetization that occurs within the platform, is not subject to any transaction fees. The available payment methods also vary, including OVO and GoPay.

The value proposition that Mezink offers is that the platform accepts payments for any transaction. In addition, the services offered are free of charge.

Users are also allowed to customize the landing page and it will be automatically integrated with other social media networks. This is called being able to maximize lead generation.

Mezink Makes It Easy to Create Landing Pages for Various Needs

Focus And Business Plan

In this initial phase, it is said that Mezink will focus on organic growth to get 10 million active users in a short time according to the company’s target.

Currently, the company still offers features without charging any fees, in the future, the team says it will soon launch new, more complete features and set a paid plan.

The development team is spread across Indonesia, India and several other countries to get the best product quality. The management team is composed of executives and specialists who have a reputation in the world of technology business and business in general.

The company also has a legal entity in Singapore, named Super Creator Tech Pte.Ltd., for business development and global finance.

Regarding funding, Mohit also revealed that the company currently has external funding sources that cannot be mentioned. In the future, the company will also open up opportunities for fundraising to be able to develop its services.