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MyClaaz.com: platform empowers trainers with numerous opportunities

MyClaaz.com: Digital platform empowers trainers with numerous opportunities for monetisation

A fully-automated online marketplace for education – MyClaaz.com – has given people a lease of life during difficult times. It has produced several trainers earning up between RM50,000 and RM300,000 in just three months.

MyClaaz.com: Digital platform empowers trainers with numerous opportunities for monetisation

Leveraging on the development and utilisation of technology following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, MyClaaz.com was established on June 2020. About 100 users have made transactions more than 10 times using the platform in just one year, with very minimal marketing efforts.

“Since its inception, there are now over 14,000 transactions using the platform from users coming from more than 20 countries. We want to help more people to gain a side income during these hard times,” said Founder and Managing Director, Adjunct Professor Dr. Zaharuddin A. Rahman.

“In addition to earning an honest income, MyClaaz takes pride in the ability to enable access to knowledge at a lower cost from credible trainers, teachers and coaches. People can also acquire knowledge from well-structured learnings with certificate at affordable prices from our platform mycourse.my. This should be good for their career advancement” Dr. Zaharuddin says.

MyClaaz.com: Digital platform empowers trainers with numerous opportunities for monetisation

The digital platform which has more than 15,000 registered members and 600 subjects is available on the web, Android applications and iOS. It enables trainers, instructors as well as tutors to convene lessons via video conferencing sessions. The EdTech start-up also allows students to record the tutoring session seamlessly.

A MyClaaz trainer does not require any registration fee. It is a fully automated learner-trainer matching platform that leverages on location-based technology. It seeks to elevate the way educators connect with learners.

“MyClaaz allows one-off classes for as low as RM10. People from all ranges of socio-economic backgrounds can request for classes without the commitment that tuition or normal tutors typically bound you to. 

“This can help children who require extra help during the pandemic to choose the assistance they need on a specific subject, and may request for one-to-one session,” Dr Zaharuddin adds.

Among the functions that MyClaaz provides are: ‘one-to-one’ class arrangement services that are conducted offline, online classes, product-selling like subject notes, tests and examinations as well as sale of education event tickets.

MyClaaz.com: Digital platform empowers trainers with numerous opportunities for monetisation

“We have been utilising myclaaz to make more than 20 transactions in the last several months and that includes booking for an online private class, purchasing ticket for educational events and so much more. We found this platform intriguing and it has made the learning process easier. This is something that you must definitely try. Thank you myclaaz!” said Suhaidah, the MyClaaz user from Singapore

The platform welcomes experienced professionals and subject matter experts to register on MyClaaz and become an instructor, tutor, trainer, or even a lecturer.

MyClaaz – a winner of the Cradle Fund start-up assistance – also provides a sub-web called MyCourse.my where users can upgrade their skill and qualification by obtaining professional certificates in various subjects which can be used for career advancement, said Dr. Zaharuddin.

MyClaaz aims to make education more inclusive and flexible and to assist the process of learning and spreading of knowledge to the local community and abroad. Find out more about MyClaaz at https://www.myclaaz.com, call 01158530774 or email enquiries to hello@myclaaz.com