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iSeller is Ready to Become a Digital Transformation Solution for All Businesses

iSeller is Ready to Become a Digital Transformation Solution for All Businesses

One of the important keys in economic recovery efforts is through digital transformation. A comprehensive shift in consumption patterns and behavior in society due to the pandemic has made digital transformation an essential step.

iSeller is Ready to Become a Digital Transformation Solution for All Businesses

Not surprisingly, in 2024, the government also targets that around 30 million micro, small and medium-sized economic actors (MSMEs) have been digitized. In responding to these issues, innovation and strategic steps are needed from stakeholders.

Talking about innovation, one of the stakeholders who have this role comes from the technology startup sector. Until now, the Indonesian technology startup industry has been diligent enough to produce various kinds of service and product innovations in encouraging the readiness of business people to enter the digital ecosystem.

This is the case with iSeller – a startup provider of an omnichannel platform as a business solution that is able to help business owners manage and distribute various business needs to various channels through one platform. Let’s get to know iSeller more.

iSeller is Ready to Become a Digital Transformation Solution for All Businesses

The Most Comprehensive Business Digitizing Solution

In the global realm, iSeller’s business model and solutions are almost similar to Shopify’s, however, iSeller’s presence is also able to be an answer to market challenges in developing countries regarding understanding online business – especially for markets located in tier 2 and 3 regions.

The omnichannel solution offered by iSeller might cut this issue out. iSeller allows business people to sell and manage all businesses both online and offline, with a world-class SLA of 99.99 percent, along with bandwidth and online store system performance that is 10 times more optimal.

Making it easier for business people to manage, as well as pampering consumers in shopping. A high level of SLA with guaranteed system performance that is capable of being an attractive thing.

Because, iSeller is finally able to present the most complete system in the form of a modern web portal, which allows business clients to take advantage of integration features, online dashboards to manage inventory, marketing, customer service, to business operations, to a POS (point of sale) system that can used for offline business.

iSeller is Ready to Become a Digital Transformation Solution for All Businesses

Supporting Business Growth through Integrated Technology and Services

Service integration in online business management is one of iSeller’s strengths to attract the market. The iSeller integration features focus on a few elements that are essential to running an online business.

Namely such as integration of multi-channel sales, integration of digital payments through iSeller Pay, and also integration of logistics services that can all be accessed through one dashboard.

iSeller Pay itself is a feature offered by iSeller in opening access to complete payment services, starting from the use of popular e-wallet products, debit/credit cards, “pay later” platforms such as Atome, and so on.

The all-integrated system offered by iSeller is claimed to be the best solution for all types of businesses, from culinary businesses, retail, electronics, and so on.

iSeller also provides fast and easy service access anywhere through the iSeller Admin App which helps businesses monitor sales and operations without being constrained by location and time.

“Through the complete iSeller ecosystem, we believe we can accelerate the nation’s digital transformation process by providing various innovations and world-class services to help MSMEs grow and advance,” said Jimmy Petrus, Founder & CEO of iSeller Commerce in his statement.

Seeing the innovation and development carried out by iSeller earlier, it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration if iSeller deserves appreciation for its presence as one of the technology startups that is able to help accelerate the progress of Indonesia’s digital economy.

Especially for the MSME sector, which has been proven several times to be a sector that has a large recovery impact amidst economic uncertainty.

Even so, the support and encouragement from stakeholders such as that of iSeller must remain sustainable in the future to provide efficient solutions for the entrepreneurial world.