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Komunal Acquisition of BPR from Kediri, Served as a Pilot and Innovation Lab

Komunal Acquisition of BPR from Kediri, Served as a Pilot and Innovation Lab

BPR Prima Dadi Arta has now officially become part of the Komunal p2p lending startup, after obtaining an effective permit from the OJK which has been issued since February 2022.

Komunal Acquisition of BPR from Kediri, Served as a Pilot and Innovation Lab

The company will make this BPR from Kediri, East Java a pilot BPR as well as an innovation laboratory for the development of BPR solutions in Indonesia so that they can operate efficiently, and are integrated with the Komunal ecosystem.

Previously, the announcement of this corporate action plan was announced in November 2021. Quoting from Bisnis.com, Komunal acquired 100% of BPR Prima Dadi Arta shares on behalf of its director and founder, namely Hendry Lieviant (34%), Rico Tedyono (33%), and Kendrick Winoto (33%).

The three of them took over the ownership of BPR shares previously held by Peter Lumanpauw, Arthur Lumanpau, Elsye Susana, and Fendy with a total nominal share of IDR 2.7 billion.

Hendry continued, the digital innovation area carried out by Komunal for BPRs did not want to be far from the DNA of BPRs as specialists in the savings and loan and credit business.

This is intended by adding digital solutions, which can make BPRs grow efficiently, and safely, and encourage people to put their funds in BPRs.

“This is a cycle, people want to save funds in their BPR, their BPR will grow bigger, the local economy will be helped even more. Because we believe, in that area everything must work together, fintech lending goes, digital banks go, so financial inclusion will run much faster.”

With the ambition to become a pilot BPR, he continued, for funding matters in the BPR industry, you can fully rely on the presence of fintech startups.

Komunal Acquisition of BPR from Kediri, Served as a Pilot and Innovation Lab

Data Analytics Capabilities from Startups Can Help BPRs to be More Efficient

The competent data analytic capabilities of startups can help BPRs channel credit efficiently, but while still prioritizing the prudential aspect.

Industrially, BPRs operating in Indonesia are around 1,500 with a total of 5,800 branch offices. He also detailed that about 5,500 of the total BPR branch offices are equivalent to the branch offices of five major banks in Indonesia. Namely, Bank Mandiri, BCA, CIMB Niaga, BTPN, and BTN.

“Of that figure, 97% are outside Jabodetabek and Banten, located in second and third-tier cities. So there is still a lot of potential that can be developed, as long as they [BPR] want to develop. So, this BPR Deposit is the first step and can be a win-win solution for everyone.”

One of the implementations that will be carried out through BPR Prima Dadi Arta is e-transfer-form. Hendry said that the issuance of transfer-form was now irrelevant to developments in the digital era. The transfer-form is a physical document to prove the validity of a deposit owned by a person is genuine.

For example, BPRs in Bali must send physical transfer-form to depositors located in Jakarta, and vice versa when depositors want to withdraw their deposits. As a result, the logistics costs must be borne by the consumer. His party is submitting the licensing process for e-transfer-form at OJK.

Komunal Acquisition of BPR from Kediri, Served as a Pilot and Innovation Lab

The Inauguration of the DepositoBPR Application

Last week (7/4), Komunal inaugurated the DepositoBPR application to connect various BPRs and customers throughout Indonesia who wish to open BPR Deposits online.

This product was pioneered through the Komunal subsidiary (PT Komunal Finansial Indonesia), namely PT. Komunal Sejahtera Indonesia which has been registered with the OJK as the organizer of digital financial innovation (IKD).

Hendry explained that so far, Komunal has succeeded in distributing customer funds worth IDR 500 billion to BPR partners who have collaborated with Komunal.

It was stated that DepositoBPR had collaborated with 110 BPRs, with a distribution of about 50% concentrated in the East Java area, the rest spread over the islands of Java and Bali.

All BPRs that have collaborated with this company have previously been sorted out by the company, only those who have been registered with the LPS.

DepositoBPR can be downloaded through the App Store and Play Store, offering deposit interest up to 6% per annum and guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) of up to IDR 2 billion.