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Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application

Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application

The MSME industry has a massive contribution to Indonesia’s GDP. The growth of MSMEs in Indonesia has increased every year. Reporting from data.tempo.co, there are currently more than 65 million MSMEs spread across Indonesia.

Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application

The DSInnovate report stated that, based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the MSME sector contributed 61.07% of Indonesia’s GDP or equivalent to more than 8,500 trillion Rupiah.

From this data, it can be seen that MSMEs have great potential for economic growth in Indonesia. Although it has massive potential, the MSME industrial sector has not escaped the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

Written by merdeka.com, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir said as many as 87.5 percent of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia were affected by the pandemic.

As a result, such conditions encourage business digitization to become an essential factor in pursuing significant growth.

Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application

The Digitization of MSMEs Is Believed to Be Able to Encourage Promotion and Marketing

Still in the DSInnovate report, digitizing MSMEs is believed to be able to encourage promotion and marketing efforts, in addition, digitization opens access to payments that can reach all circles.

Moreover, MSMEs are joining e-commerce, so it can be known by many people. The use of the digital wallet feature is one of them.

Entering the digital ecosystem, MSMEs will get other positive impacts such as being able to expand market reach, marketing features on e-commerce can also promote MSME businesses easily and can create advertisements quickly.

E-commerce that is integrated with expedition services can also help MSME business players in sending products to consumers.

Although it has many positive sides, efforts to digitize MSMEs still face various challenges. The joining of MSMEs with e-commerce is very complex and difficult for small business actors to understand.

Moreover, if small traders, such as home industries, carts, and stalls, have difficulty selling online because they do not have the appropriate equipment.

In the midst of increasingly advanced technological innovations, there are platforms that are able to overcome these problems, one of which is iSeller, which has just officially launched iSeller Go in September 2021. An application that can help SMEs go digital.

Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application

iSeller’s Dedication to Participate in Digitizing MSMEs through iSeller Go

iSeller is an omni-channel sales platform, where business people can build a business online or offline. MSME businesses can be easily built offline with Point of Sale, or online by creating an integrated iSeller website.

Currently, iSeller is launching a new product service in the form of an application, namely iSeller Go. This service is made in the form of an Android application with a simple interface designed to be easier to use (user friendly). In iSeller Go, MSME players can easily digitize their business. Making a personal online website can even be made with only a smartphone.

This innovation was specially created by iSeller to help MSME players who have difficulty selling online because they don’t have the right tools, as well as complicated e-commerce displays, websites, and online selling platforms.

This convenience adds a plus especially in the midst of rising social commerce trends, especially those selling on Instagram, MSME actors can integrate their stores into social media to reach more customers and make it easier for followers to buy products directly from Instagram to online stores.

By providing the concept of simplicity, the iSeller Go application is designed to provide easy-to-use features, ranging from the sales process, products, investments, delivery services, to financial transactions.

For payments, there are 5 digital wallet options available, bank transfers, and minimarket partners as well as 11 expeditions that can be used.

This payment and delivery service has been integrated, so there is no need to bother registering a store with a digital wallet and return delivery service, especially since iSeller Go has collaborated with GrabExpress to provide free shipping.