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Grab Serves Logistics Shopping and Provide a Lift for Medical Personnel

Grab Serves Logistics Shopping and Provide a Lift for Medical Personnel

Regional Public Corporation (Perumda) Pasar Jaya hooks Gojek and Grab in an online shopping program in 88 traditional markets during the corona pandemic. Both decacorns will provide logistical services.

Pasar Jaya Managing Director Arief Nasrudin said that the collaboration with both startups had been going on for three weeks. “Only on shipping (shopping goods),” Arief said on Thursday (2/4).

Grab Serves Logistics Shopping and Provide a Lift for Medical Personnel

The online shopping service can be accessed via the PD Pasar Jaya website. On the main page, select ‘Shop from Home’. In this article information will appear about market addresses, contacts or cellphone numbers of market traders, and what staples are sold.

Traders and Sellers Can Make a Bargain via Telephone or Chat

“Then, the function of delivering goods is via an online motorcycle taxi and is delivered to the buyer,” Arief said. Chief of Corporate Affairs Gojek Nila Marita claimed, the partnership will have a positive impact on the driver’s partners and customers.

“At present, we are studying further, together with the government on this matter,” he told Katadata.co.id. The company also continues to innovate the service features to help people access their daily needs. The developed features are related to online shopping such as GoMart and GoShop.

The same thing was conveyed by Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Neneng Goenadi. He hopes that the company can cooperate with the government in presenting GrabMart services widely.

“We are currently in intensive discussion with relevant parties. Hopefully, this initiative can be implemented soon,” Neneng said. Grab sees great potential in the online shopping business, especially those offering basic necessities amid a corona pandemic.

Therefore, the company plans to expand the reach of GrabMart services. In addition, the company develops new services at Grab. It aims to increase the income of the driver’s partner in the midst of a pandemic.

Grab Serves Logistics Shopping and Provide a Lift for Medical Personnel

Ministry of Health & Grab Provide 2,000 GrabCar & GrabBike for Workers

Grab provides a total of 2,000 GrabCar and GrabBike for medical personnel in Indonesia, in order to overcome the corona pandemic. This program is part of the collaboration with the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) and referral hospitals related to Covid-19.

Doctors and nurses can use the GrabNow feature to access this transportation service. In addition, the Singapore-based decacorn prepares disinfectant stations in selected hospitals to ensure vehicle sterilization.

“The Grab fleet will be devoted to supporting the mobility of medical workers who are struggling against the Covid-19 virus pandemic” Grab Indonesia’s Managing Director Neneng Goenadi was quoted as saying in a press release on Thursday (2/4).

Medical Personnel Can Access These Services through the Concierge Feature

Medical personnel can also access the service through the concierge feature or by booking transportation through the website. Later, it will be assisted by hospital administration. This feature can also be used by patients who need mobilization from or to the hospital.

This is to maintain physical distance from others (physical distancing). The Gojek competitor also entered the final stage of a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Affairs (Kemenparekraf). Only, Grab does not specify the partnership in question.

Grab Serves Logistics Shopping and Provide a Lift for Medical Personnel

To ensure that GrabCar and GrabBike provided are safe, the company uses plastic partitions between passengers and drivers. Then, the driver’s partner is equipped with a Personal Protection Tool (PPE) such as a mask and gloves.

In addition, goggles, masks, and protective shoes are provided if the virus spread situation gets worse. Grab also opens the opportunity to add this special fleet to dozens of referral hospitals. The special fleet will also be tested at several referral hospitals in Jakarta. That way, medical staff can do a mass test (rapid test) using this service.