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Grab Collaborated with Pertamina to Give Loans to GrabKios Partners

Grab Collaborated with Pertamina to Give Loans to GrabKios Partners

On-demand service provider Grab collaborates with Pertamina to provide loans to GrabKios partners. Through this collaboration, the decacorn from Singapore strengthens the digital Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) solution business.

Pertamina Corporate Communication Vice President Fajriyah Usman said GrabKios partners will get access to loans for capital. “With very low administrative services, namely 3% per year,” he said as quoted from a press release, Tuesday (8/9).

Grab Collaborated with Pertamina to Give Loans to GrabKios Partners

Active GrabKios partners who have joined for at least six months and have an average transaction of more than IDR 5 million per month, can apply for a loan to Pertamina. GrabKios will facilitate the submission. Meanwhile, the loan tenor is up to 36 months.

“By facilitating access to these loan products, GrabKios partners can continue to operate to meet community needs while at the same time maintaining their livelihoods and running the economy,” said Head of GrabKios Grab Indonesia Nuruddin Al Fithroh.

Grab has already Collaborated with Magelang Pegadaian

Previously, Grab collaborated with the Magelang branch of Pegadaian to provide business capital loans with 0% interest to GrabCar and GrabBike driver-partners. This loan can be used to set up a shop business and become a partner of GrabKios.

“This is a solution so that MSMEs can more easily digitize their business and be able to survive in the midst of a crisis,” said Head of West Indonesia Grab Indonesia Richard Aditya quoted in a press release, Monday (27/7).

Grab Collaborated with Pertamina to Give Loans to GrabKios Partners

These programs are present amid the government’s efforts to encourage MSMEs to enter the digital ecosystem, to reach consumers in the midst of the corona pandemic. At least more than one million MSMEs switched to digital during the pre-coronavirus period, bringing the total to more than nine million.

Grab has also hooked up around 170 thousand MSMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic. In total, this decacorn is holding more than 32 thousand traditional traders today. The company targets to attract 400 thousand MSMEs by the end of this year.

Grab also Launched Grabmerchant as an MSME Solution

Apart from GrabKios, Grab focuses on providing business solutions for MSME players by launching GrabMerchant last June. MSME partners at GrabFood, GrabMart, logistics and GrabKios were transferred to GrabMerchant, so they became integrated. The service operates on a business to business (BtoB) model.

GrabMerchant provides several features such as self-registration, owner profile management, store manager, and cashier for account security. There are also wholesale features, marketing features, and business reports.

The company is also collaborating with various parties to help more MSMEs. The startup is working with more than 20 agencies at the central and local government levels to carry out the MSME digitization program.

Grab Competitor, Gojek, also Released Services for MSMEs

However, its competitors, namely Gojek, also focus on MSME solution services. Decacorn Indonesia launched a special platform to encourage MSMEs to enter the digital ecosystem, namely melajubersamagojek.com last month.

Grab Collaborated with Pertamina to Give Loans to GrabKios Partners

Through this special platform, Gojek helps UMKM players to develop their business. The assistance starts from marketing activities, processing orders, payments, shipping to administration. At least 120 thousand MSMEs joined the platform last month.

“We present a variety of solutions that can be used by all types of SMEs, from micro to large,” said Gojek Co-CEO Andre Soelistyo, last August.

He claims, the company has helped millions of business partners, 95% of which are MSMEs. Based on research from the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LD FEB UI), 94% of MSMEs joined the Gojek ecosystem during the pandemic, being micro-businesses. Meanwhile, the other 43% are novice entrepreneurs.

The research also shows that the contribution of Gojek partners in all services to the Indonesian economy reached IDR 104.6 trillion last year. The value is equivalent to 1% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The study is based on an online survey of 53,989 respondents, who were selected by simple random sampling. They are GoCar, GoRide, GoFood, GoPay, and GoSend partners who have been active for the past three months.