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Gojek Launches GoClub, a Loyalty Program for Customers

Gojek Launches GoClub, a Loyalty Program for Customers

Gojek has just announced a loyalty program for customers under the name GoClub. Through the GoClub program, this unicorn startup presents various privileges and conveniences for its customers.

The presence of GoClub is also Gojek’s commitment to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Starting the first week of February 2021, users will gradually receive invitations via the app to join GoClub.

“With the leading technology as well as the wide-scale and scope of the Gojek ecosystem, we believe there must be a way to continue to innovate to make it easier for Gojekers,” said Group Chief Marketing Gojek Ainul Yaqin in an official statement, Tuesday (2/2/2021).

Gojek Launches GoClub, a Loyalty Program for Customers

In GoClub, Gojek presents four membership rankings for customers, namely Residents, Bosses, Skippers, and Children of the Sultan. At the start of membership, customers will start from the Citizen rank.

Together with this ranking, Gojek will provide a bonus of 20 XP (Experience Points) with various other privileges, such as cashback and discounts on GoPay, GoCar, GoRide, and GoFood services. Later, customers will get additional XP by transacting on the Gojek application.

The higher the ranking, the customers will get more benefits, from priority orders, free of crowd rates, to 100 percent GoPay cashback. “We will continue to develop GoClub so that it will always provide a better experience and is more relevant to the needs of our customers,” said Yaqin, ending his statement.

GoSure Strengthens Financial Services with Special Gadget Insurance

Previously, GoSure recently announced a new service, namely insurance to protect the entire gadget. This service comes after the cracked screen protection insurance offered by Gojek is said to be successful.

Through Moveable All Risk insurance, users can insure their devices at affordable premiums, starting from the basic type valued at IDR 25,000 and premium with a value of IDR 50,000.

“In presenting this product, we fully understand the importance of protecting gadgets, which are now almost a primary need in a society that has become increasingly digitalized since the Covid-19 pandemic,” said GoPay Managing Director Budi Gandasoebrate in an official statement.

Later, the premium is only paid once at the beginning by using GoPay for a protection period of 12 months. The devices that can be insured are tablets and smartwatches.

Gojek Launches GoClub, a Loyalty Program for Customers

Collaborate with PasarPolis

In collaboration with PasarPolis, this insurance protects user devices from various risks, such as theft, accidental damage, damage from fire, lightning, or explosion to damage due to natural disasters and liquids.

“Purchase of all insurance products on GoSure simply uses GoPay and the claim process can be done easily through the Gojek application,” Budi continued. The presence of this insurance product also complements similar services that already exist at GoSure, such as travel insurance, motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, and household furniture insurance.

This expansion of GoSure services also complements the existing financial service ecosystem at GoPay, including PayLater, GoInvestment, and investment in Bank Jago. Therefore, GoPay will focus on expanding products and services to accelerate financial inclusion.

Gojek Launches GoClub, a Loyalty Program for Customers

Gopay is the e-Wallet Most often Used by Indonesians

The Covid-19 pandemic is cutting digital transactions skyrocketing. According to Bank Indonesia (BI) records, digital transactions increased 37.8 percent (year on year / yoy), including digital banking transactions and transfers. The use of e-money or digital wallets (e-wallets) also increased by 24.42 percent (yoy). Meanwhile, the use of debit cards decreased by 18.9 percent (yoy).

A number of companies engaged in digital financial services also grew positively during 2020. Then, which digital wallet service is most used by Indonesians? In a survey released by Sharing Vision in December 2020, GoPay was declared the most widely used digital wallet service in Indonesia.

Based on the results of a survey with the theme ‘eChannel Fintech eCommerce & eLifestyle’, GoPay was ranked first as the most widely used e-money, chosen by 81 percent of respondents. The second position is occupied by OVO as much as 71 percent. Then there is ShopeePay in third place with 44 percent, then Dana in fourth place with 41 percent.