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Five Gojek Strategies to Restore the Transportation Business

Five Gojek Strategies to Restore the Transportation Business

Transactions for the transportation service of an on-demand service company, Gojek, declined in 2020 due to the corona pandemic. Decacorn Indonesia has also prepared five strategies to restore business performance.

Gojek Group Chief Transport Officer Raditya Wibowo said requests for ride-sharing services such as GoRide and GoCar have dropped because there are restrictions on activities outside the home. After the large periodic social restrictions (PSBB), the government has now even implemented the Java-Bali restrictions on community activities (PPKM).

Five Gojek Strategies to Restore the Transportation Business

“PPKM must have an impact because of restrictions,” said Radityo during a virtual press conference for Gojek Transport Outlook 2021: Safer with GoRide & GoCar on Thursday (14/1). “We just follow, to comply.”

Based on association data, Garda, the income of online motorcycle taxi drivers fell 70% -90% at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic compared to before the Covid-19. When the PSBB was relaxed, revenues improved or it was estimated that they would only decrease by 50%.

At PPKM, Garda estimated that online motorcycle taxi drivers’ income would drop by 40% -60%. To restore the performance of the transportation business, Gojek has prepared five strategies. First, strengthen the J3K health protocol innovation or Keep Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Increase the J3K Comfort Zone by 2021

“In 2021 or the recovery period, we ensure safety and health in the ecosystem, both for customers and partners,” he said. The company will strengthen and expand the J3K Comfort Zone as a new standard of pick-up points.

This service will be equipped with body temperature measurement, distance queues, distribution of masks, hairnet, hand sanitizer, helmet disinfection and car door handles, as well as personal helmet storage.

Five Gojek Strategies to Restore the Transportation Business

Gojek also increased the number of Driver Protection Tools such as protective bulkheads, additional face shields for helmets, and others. Second, launching a new GoCorp service specifically to support users’ business trips. This is because offices are still one of the main destinations for people to use GoRide and GoCar.

Third, the GoTransit feature which was introduced in 2020 is enhanced. This feature is considered to be a solution for users in planning trips and making decisions systematically about transportation modes. The service is considered to be able to help users estimate travel time outside the home to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

Fourth, expanding initiatives related to environmentally friendly technology. Last year, Gojek made various environmentally friendly technology initiatives through GoGreener. In 2021, initiatives will be expanded to include testing electric vehicles and motor vehicle emissions testing, as well as carbon offsets.

Finally, making various new features, one of which is parking and toll payments without cash. Also, the company plans to create GoRide and GoCar order scheduling features, change of pick-up points, save addresses, and personalized transportation.

Secretary-General of the Indonesian Transportation Society Harya S Dillon noted that the demand for online transportation services increased when the PSBB was relaxed. “This year towards recovery (because there is a coronavirus vaccine),” he said.

Five Gojek Strategies to Restore the Transportation Business

However, service orders did not necessarily increase. According to him, online transportation service providers such as Gojek still have to innovate, especially for health protocol issues. “This vaccine is a good start, but health protocols are still needed, not immediately crowd,” he said.

Rejecting 700 Thousand Passengers without Masks

Gojek has launched the J3K initiative as a standard health protocol for services on its platform since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the rules in this initiative is the use of masks during travel, for both driver-partners and consumers. Therefore, if one party does not wear a mask, the order can be canceled and reported.

The company also noted that the implementation of this rule was well received. This was evidenced by the rejection of more than 700 thousand orders rejected by driver-partners because consumers did not wear masks.

In addition, the company also noted that there were more than 50 thousand driver-partner visits to the J3K Safe Post. At this post, driver-partners check temperatures, disinfect vehicles, and receive personal protective packages.