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Eduka System Presents Problem Practice with One-time Pay Concept

Eduka System Presents Problem Practice with One-time Pay Concept

Eduka System, an educational technology startup continues to innovate by launching the latest question training product, Eduka Quiz. Eduka Quiz is an online question practice platform made specifically for high school (SMA) grades 10, 11 and 12.

“Eduka Quiz can be said to be the embodiment of LKS (Student Worksheet) books which are commonly used but are in the form of online,” said CEO of PT Eduka Teknologi Indonesia, Ahmad Faiz Sahupala in a written statement, Monday (9/14/2020).

Eduka Quiz, different from other question provider platforms, is equipped with several interesting features. Ahmad said these features can make it easier for users to do practice questions in preparing for daily tests, school exams, and computer-based written exams (UTBK).

Eduka System Presents Problem Practice with One-time Pay Concept

The features in question include Learning Topics, which allow users to carry out an insightful learning process. Learning is also structured per lesson and per semester. This concept is expected to make it easier for users to work on questions and easily understand them.

“The material in a chapter is broken down into smaller concepts so that it is easy to understand. The concept contains a summary and mini-quiz,” said Ahmad further.

Other features include Quiz, which is expected to improve users’ abilities in a way that is both fun and challenging. Quiz is done sequentially, and each question is given a time limit to answer. Users will get points every time they answer a question correctly.

There is a Tournament Feature for Exam Preparation

Next is the Tournament feature, which is specially designed to practice questions in preparation for daily tests, midterm exams, and final semester exams. Users who work on as many questions as possible will get points that can be used for discounted prices. These benefits can be found in the Trophies and Points feature.

“Also collect trophies through tournaments. Come on, often win and make your name number 1 on the leaderboard,” said Ahmad. Users can also take advantage of the Personal Statistics feature to monitor learning progress. These statistics can also act as feedback for users to improve their abilities.

Eduka System Presents Problem Practice with One-time Pay Concept

In Eduka Quiz, users can access questions forever with just one payment. “The heating package consists of online worksheets for 8 subjects in 1 class semester. It is suitable for UAS preparation and can be used for grades 10, 11, 12 for IDR 10,000 per lesson,” said Ahmad.

There is also a Serious Package, namely online worksheets for 16 subjects in 1 class (2 semesters). “It is suitable for those who want to focus on practicing questions a year and can be for grades 10, 11, 12 for IDR 8,750 per lesson,” said Ahmad.

Finally, there is the Ambition package, which is online worksheets for 48 subjects in 3 classes (6 semesters). “This package is suitable for all youth who want to understand all the materials of high school, it can be grade 10, 11, 12 for IDR 6,250 per lesson,” said Ahmad closing his statement.

Eduka Sytem Received Initial Funding Last April

Bukalapak founder and former CEO, Achmad Zaky led the seed funding for the Eduka System technology education startup (edutech), through the Init-6 investment arm. With that, Eduka became the first portfolio of Init-6. The startup was founded by students of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), with solutions to problems among school students.

Eduka System Presents Problem Practice with One-time Pay Concept

“Many students only focus on memorization theory and pay less attention to the application of the subjects they are studying,” said Eduka CEO Ahmad Faiz Sahupala. According to him, because of the memorization system, students’ ability to solve complex problems became rigid.

To solve this problem, Eduka decided to provide training in higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). Responding to his investment question, Achmad Zaky said, “education is a very large space and we believe Eduka can have a better impact on the Indonesian education system.”