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The Latest Tech News; 5 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

The Latest Tech News; 5 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

Through the latest tech news, advances in technology are still changed and developed significantly. The differences will make real change and affect almost all aspects of human life. It makes everything get faster, easier, somewhile cheaper.

This year, there are numerous breakthrough technologies are born uncontrollably. It signs a good thing that overhyped new gadgets always truly break the market. People are excited while anticipating the newest gadgets ahead. 2020 is also being a perfect year to start applying new technology.

The Latest Tech News; 5 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

In this middle year, Samsung starts to already leave 5G mobile and star talking about 6G. It has been revealed that 6G systems will be adopted soon on their products while everything is still being standardized. The commercialization may take more time, around 2028. However, this news is highly anticipated in mobile technology.

Along with Samsung, there are numerous breakthrough technologies have developed and start to be applied this year. To check this latest tech, keep reading the list below. It involves whether it has been released or still being prepared/ in production.

1. Tesla Considers to Open Licensing Technology from Others

As the top American electric vehicle brand with a clean energy image, the journey of Tesla technology always gets attention from the public. At this middle year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unexpectedly revealed that Tesla is considering opening licensing software and supplying technology from other automakers.

Tesla claims it is the best way to accelerate sustainable energy. They deny the speculation that this decision is about crushing competitors. Generally, the Volkswagen executive stated that Tesla has more 10-year ahead of its rival in terms of technology.

According to Reuter, Tesla also has more than a 2-year advantage when it comes to software architecture and autonomous driving. Back then, Tesla which was partnered with Toyota and Benz supplied batteries and powertrains to them. However, it has been ended since the partnership ends.

2. Second Latest Tech News, The Rise of Digital Money

Since June 2020, Facebook has unveiled its new program named Libra, a global digital currency. The main idea becomes a trigger and seems can’t be launched this year. However, just days after this announcement, another company takes a lead to manifest the idea.

People’s Bank of China has strongly implied that the development of digital currency has been responded. It makes China nominates the first major economy that uses its digital version of many, a strong candidate to replace physical cash.

It has been started a long time ago, but society seems to accept it well. Without any physical money, the transaction will get easier and faster. This new technology also can be applied to splinter the entire financial system.

The rivalry between Libra and China’s leaders apparently gets intense. China itself presumes Libra as a threat. On the other hand, Facebook’s Libra has largely become part of geopolitical. This October, Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook promised that Libra will widen America’s financial leadership around the world, the war begins.

The Latest Tech News; 5 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

3. More Powerful AI

Artificial Intelligent has been developed for years ago. Through time, AI faces a problem. In the middle of developing more powerful algorithms, the amounts of carbon emissions get increased. It comes from the total energy of centralized cloud services to process greater amounts of data and power.

However, the emergence of the latest generation of tiny AI has turned the table. Now, AI becomes a reliable thing to process complex algorithms and shrink the previous models without omitting the capabilities. Since last May, Google has announced that users can run Google Assistant without even sending a remote server.

Besides, Apple also takes apart by providing Siri’s speech recognition and its QuickType keyboard to their products, especially iPhone series. Amazon and IBM, on the other hand, offer developer platforms to make and deploy this tiny AI.

This tech news of tiny AI brings so many benefits. Compared to the existing service, tiny AI offers better and faster service in every aspect, from autocorrect, voice assistants, to digital cameras. It also supports new applications being possible to be adopted to make mobile-based-medical-image and better privacy.

4. Differential Privacy to Measure Crucial Data Set

This year, the US government bears a big responsibility; collecting data of its 330 million residents, but keep their respondent identities private. While conducting research and writing legislation, the data needs to release in schematic statistical tables.

The law has regulated that this Census Bureau must ensure to secure privacy. Unfortunately, the tricks to de-anonymize exist, mostly in combined public statistic data. It leads the data to be inaccuracies with so many noises besides the data.

This new technology adapts the mathematical technique by measuring privacy increased when including noises. Facebook and Apple are the first company that already used this method to collect aggregate data without even identifying particular users. Now, it’s likely adopted by other countries.

The Latest Tech News; 5 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

5. World Weather Attribution

The Tropical Storm Imelda was noted as one of the big flood neighborhoods near Houston in September last year. Ten days later, the research team clarified that climate change was certainly being the main reason. World Weather Attribution found that severe storm was 28% more intense rather than having no climate change.

During this decade, scientists always try to connect any specific phenomenon due to climate change. It begins to seem an end when they can explain extreme-weather attribution. That is being a moment to improve to make more useful and accurate techniques and tools.

The tech-related-to-weather has been developed well to make a more convincing and reliable combination of various technologies. For instance, the lengthening records from detailed satellite data help to understand the entire system.

It lets scientists create higher-resolution simulations and numerous virtual experiments ahead. These improvements allow scientists to identify dangerous weather sooner. By disentangling correctly, people can prepare anything regarding how severe the disaster will be.Along with these five breakthrough technologies in 2020, numerous innovations will keep increasing as time goes by. It always brings good and bad effects for society, but it is undeniably needed to ease life. To keep trendy and up-to-date, always keep the latest tech news updates through media.

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