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Dash Sports App Bridges Users with Sports Activities and Centers


The current level of public interest in doing recreational sports has not been supported by relevant online platforms. For example, sporting events or regular sports club activities.

Seeing this opportunity, Dash Sports, which was founded in 2020, is here to become a digital platform that connects fans, clubs, communities, and sports activities in one platform.

To DailySocial.id, Founder of Dash Sports, Alit Aryaguna, said that through the application, it is hoped that it can change the conventional habits of sports club owners to manage activities and their members. He saw that all the processes were still done manually.

“Seeing the trend in this digital era, I was inspired to create a sports application that makes it easy for its users. From registration, training schedules, event schedules, bookings, payments, everything is just one click away. You could say this Dash Sports application is a digital platform The first sports hub in Indonesia, all in one.”

In particular, Dash Sports has two excellent features, namely Joint Event and Class Booking. Dash Sports also provides online payment options that are already integrated into the application.

Users can access information about sports training sessions for adults and children provided. Information that can be obtained in this application includes the type of exercise, coach, price, schedule, location, and duration of training.

Users can also invite friends, acquaintances or other users to join selected training sessions and sports activities.

Dash Sports that is present today is the first version and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for Android devices, and will be available on the App Store soon.

Also Target the B2B Segment

Targeting the B2B segment, currently, Dash Sports has partnered with several sports clubs. In addition, in the near future they will also become partners in organizing sporting events, to manage the registration process to payments on the platform.

“By the end of this year we want to move quickly to scale up the business by doing sports activities. On the other hand, we also continue to educate sports club owners to use the platform,” said Alit

Because it has just launched and is in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) process, the company has not yet carried out monetization activities and all features can be enjoyed for free.

Later, when the feedback and data collected from this first version have been obtained, several new features will be added and the Dash Sports monetization plan will be launched in the advanced version of the application.

Apart from Dash Sport, in Indonesia, there are already several applications that provide similar services, with their respective value propositions.

For example, the STRONGBEE application, in mid-2020 they had hooked up 200 sports facilities and 300 professional coaches. The STRONGBEE service also makes it easy to find and book sports facilities.

A more specific service is AYO Indonesia, providing a soccer and futsal sparring platform for amateur teams. In addition, in the wellness arena, there are several other applications, for example, Doogether which has also been integrated with the Gojek ecosystem through GoFitness.

Fitness App Downloads Increase During Pandemic

According to data compiled by Grand View Research, globally, fitness and sports applications managed to record a market value of up to $4.4 billion in 2020, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.6% in 2021-2028 range.

The pandemic has also given rise to new trends, such as virtual sports services — in fact, according to data from the World Economic Forum in September 2020, fitness and health app downloads increased 46% throughout the pandemic.

In contrast to other lifestyle and wellness platforms that only focus on certain types of sports and partner only with studio owners, Dash Sports claims to be the first platform that can accommodate sports variants.

Not only running, but swimming, cycling, and mat Pilates. In the future, Dash Sports will continue to grow and add other sports.