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Gojek Announces Investment in Gogoro Through PIPE, Ready to Test Electric Motors


Gojek announced a strategic partnership with Gogoro, a global technology company in the battery swap ecosystem, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Indonesia.

This partnership covers two areas, namely GoTo Group’s investment in Gogoro through the Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) scheme; and cooperation between Gojek, Gogoro, and Pertamina through a battery swap pilot scheme and a Gogoro Smartscooter vehicle trial in Jakarta.

Founder & CEO of Gogogro Horace Luke said, one of the biggest challenges in Indonesia and around the world today is the effort to transform urban transportation modes into a new generation of transportation modes that utilize electric motors that are smart, sustainable, and accessible, and accepted by the wider community.

“Battery swap from Gogoro is the latest innovation in electric refueling. We present an open platform to support two-wheeler manufacturers in introducing electric vehicles that can refuel safely and are easy to use,” said Luke in an official statement, Tuesday (2/11).

Gojek Co-founder & CEO Kevin Aluwi added, “This partnership brings together two companies with the same vision and thoughts for the adoption of electric vehicles as the preferred mode of transportation in Indonesia.

“This ambition can only be achieved through the cooperation of various stakeholders. Therefore, this partnership is very important, if we want to realize our goal of reorganizing transportation modes within the city,” said Kevin.

GoTo’s investment for Gogoro was carried out in September 2021 through the Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) scheme, in connection with the business combination carried out by Gogoro and Poema Global Holdings Group. This transaction is targeted for completion in early 2022.

Electric Motor Test

Meanwhile, for the Gogoro Smartscooter electric motorcycle trial, in the early stages it will be in Jakarta with the availability of 250 units and four GoStation swap battery stations located at Pertamina gas stations.

Gradually, the two companies plan to increase the number of motors to 5 thousand units and introduce more swap battery stations.

For the record, Gogoro is one of the global innovation leaders in compact electric propulsion, battery design, battery swap, and advanced cloud services that utilize artificial intelligence to manage battery availability and security.

Gogoro established the Gogoro Network ecosystem, an efficient battery swap platform recognized by Guidehouse Insights as the world’s leading urban light vehicle swap battery company.

There are more than 400 thousand riders and 2,100 battery swap stations within the Gogoro Network, serving 270 thousand daily swap batteries with more than 250 million total battery swaps to date.

In addition to the Gogoro Network, in 2015, the company launched the Gogoro Smartscooter, the world’s first award-winning smart electric motorcycle.

In Line with Gojek’s Sustainability Goals

In 2019, Gogoro Network developed the Powered by Gogoro Network Program (PBGN) which provides Gogoro vehicle manufacturing partners access to innovations owned by Gogoro.

Including intelligence drivetrains and their controllers, components and smart systems, so they can develop and launch unique electric vehicles integrated with the Gogoro battery swap network.

The electric motorcycle trial is in line with Gojek’s sustainability goals and ongoing efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

In April 2021, Gojek launched a Sustainability Report which explained Gojek’s target to achieve Zero Emissions by 2030, including the plan to transition 100% of its two-wheeled fleet to electric vehicles.

As part of this plan, Gojek is actively looking for ways to develop a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem by leveraging technology to overcome the barriers to usage faced by driver-partners and ensure consumers get an optimal experience.

Furthermore, in the report, Gojek shares significant steps to achieve its targets and will be reviewed and submitted to the public annually.