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The Best Android Apps in 2020 Chosen by Google

The Best Android Apps in 2020 Chosen by Google

Since the amounts are a lot, it is so interesting to know what the best Android apps in 2020 are. Furthermore, the result is made by one of the giant digital companies in the world, Google. A lot of people are curious about it.

You know that android applications are really much. Those are divided into several different categories. The examples are education, game, movie, chatting, and so on. From those things, Google has been making its favorite choices.

In fact, those apps are separated into five different categories. In this article, the applications that will be informed are from the category of “best – hidden gems”. Those are the newbie which has a lot of fans. What are the lists?

The Best Android Apps in 2020 Chosen by Google

Tayasui Sketches is One of The Best Android Apps

First of all, is known by the name of Tayasui Sketches. That is actually an application for drawing. The Pro Version can be downloaded at a limited time. The normal version is also available for free. That is even chosen as the “Free app of the week”. 

Tayasui Sketches are so fun to use. It has various options for pens and tools. It is also user – friendly so that a beginner can operate this one easily. Furthermore, the features are also super complete as well. 

A lot of experts recommend this application for Android users who love drawing hobby. It can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store and once again it is free. Below are the reasons why you have to install Tayasui.

1. Rich of Features

It is stated that this application has so many interesting and beneficial features for drawing. Those are like the photo import, editor, brushers, layer mode, a folder for iPad, and support the sensitivity for the digital stylus.

One of the best features owned by the Pro version is various kinds of gesture modes. They will make the drawing activity is much easier. Those are started from the screen zoom; cancel an action, and some tools used to support gesture. 

2. Compatible for Any Operating System

This one of the best Android apps are chosen by Google based on several considerations. One of them is for sure because it is compatible with any operating system or OS. Those are the IOS and Android. It is suitable for any gadgets.

You could use it on your smartphone, iPad, tablets, and many more again. However, these Tayasui Sketches still have some requirements that must be followed. That is why; make sure you know about it before downloading this app.

The Best Android Apps in 2020 Chosen by Google

3. Recommended for a Professional Use

This application provides drawing equipment that is very familiar to people as landscape architects. Those are both in the form of ‘ tool’ and its diversity. Graphics sketches are the most enjoyable thing for architects.

When you meet a client, sometimes it needs to sketch or program the design process in the form of graphics quickly. That is done to inform the client’s wishes and the purpose of the design concept that we are discussed before.

Loona, Bedtime Calm and Relax

“Loona Bedtime Calm and Relax” is the next app that is addressed as the best – hidden gem category from Google. Basically that is about the Bedtime Mood. It will help a person to sleep quickly without thinking of anything.

There are so many things that can be done to build a Bedtime mood in a person. One of them is by utilizing an application called Loona: Bedtime Calm and Relax. It is a healthcare app that helps to calm down when sleeping with original music.

That app also has immersive stories that make sleep better. This artificial application from Loona Inc. can help change mood emotionally. This tool makes users are able to sleep faster after a fairly tiring all – day activity.

1. The New Sleepscape Every Day

The Loona app will give you a new sleepscape when used every day at night. Seleepscape itself is a hands – on session. It combines activity – based relaxation, storytelling, and sound in a unique way. Use this option to rearrange your mind and control the mood.

That can create the perfect mood for sleep as well. This app is the result of a unique blend of usability, intelligence, and fun designed into one and carefully executed. Users are able to install it easily from Google Play Store.

2. The Detail of This app

Loona itself is a program that is specially designed for the Android operating system. The latest version is called 1.6 and updated on 19 November of 2020. It has been downloaded by more than 500000 people so far.

It is developed by Lona Inc and the size is about 112 MB. It cannot be denied that the size is quite large, but everything is in line with the quality that it gives. Furthermore, Loona is also free to use at any time you want to.

The Best Android Apps in 2020 Chosen by Google

3. Easy to Use

For you who have an insomnia problem, it is highly recommended to try this application. Don’t worry of anything since Loona is so easy to use. The menus or commands there are easy to understand as well.

It has the elegant appearance as well. Overall, the advantages are amazing. That will make your brain feel more relaxed and as the result, sleeping will be better. Having the high – quality rest is the key to be fresh and successful.

Which One is More Recommended?

It cannot be denied that both of the applications above are having the different scopes. Tayasui Sketches is more for the architects and someone who loves to draw for various purposes. Meanwhile, Loona offers the different thing.

This healthy and lifestyle app is suitable for all people who are facing the problem of insomnia. It combines various different and relaxing techniques to create the right mood. That will make you sleep faster and better for sure.

So, instead of choosing one, why don’t you download both of them? They can give the different advantages and experiences as well. These best Android apps in 2020 are really worth to try and make sure your gadgets are compatible.