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DANA Presents Several Updates to the Send Money Feature

DANA Presents Several Updates to the Send Money Feature

The DANA digital wallet has made a number of updates to the Send Money feature. Through this update, users can not only save more on money transfers, but also get a more enjoyable digital transaction experience.

DANA Presents Several Updates to the Send Money Feature

To note, the Kirim Uang feature in the app is one of the most popular with users. In addition to the ease of delivery, this feature is also supported by advanced security technology.

This feature is a mainstay feature that has been trusted by loyal DANA users. In order to enrich the user experience, we are constantly updating this feature so that it remains relevant to the preferences and needs of current users, said DANA Chief of Product, Rangga Wiseno.

As for the official statement received on Friday (7/1/2022), the update that is now being presented in Send Money is that transfer fees are more competitive. After enjoying free transfers up to ten times with Send Uang DANA, users are only charged Rp. 2,500 for the eleventh transfer.

With a lower cost, users can optimize it for this need. The application of this transfer fee is a form of the company compliance and support for the payment system infrastructure provided by Bank Indonesia through BI-Fast.

In addition, this update also allows DANA users to more easily track, monitor, and trace the remittance process. There is also an additional Resolution Center that can be accessed directly to serve user needs and questions.

While in the upcoming update, DANA is also preparing a Favorite column that can group the user’s preferred list of family names or close relatives. So, users can make money transfers faster.

DANA Presents Several Updates to the Send Money Feature

The Growth of the Send Money Feature in DANA

DANA has also proven that the Send Money feature with our digital wallet is the most economical money transfer option thanks to free transfer fees and the eleventh transfer fee which only costs Rp. 2,500, said Rangga.

To note, the Send Money feature in DANA continues to record significant growth. Until the end of last year, the company recorded that there were more than 350 million total transactions on the Send Money feature with an average of 30 million transactions per month.

In fact, the company noted December 2021 to be the month with the highest use of the Send Money feature. When compared to December 2020, the growth in this feature will reach more than 360 percent in 2021.

DANA Presents Several Updates to the Send Money Feature

Smartfren and Collaboration Fund, Presents Exclusive Starter Card

Previously, Smartfren had just announced a strategic partnership with the DANA digital wallet. As part of this collaboration, Smartfren launched the Gokil Combo 55GB starter pack and the Gokil Combo package.

With this package, customers will get a number of benefits, such as abundant quota, free access to the DANA application with fair use, free access to the Vidio Premier Platinum application for 7 days, to bonus quotas for various needs.

Smartfren is happy to welcome a strategic collaboration with the DANA application. We present new products and services that are very relevant for the digital young generation in this country through this collaboration, said Deputy CEO of Smartfren, Djoko Tata Ibrahim, in an official statement received, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

The Smartfren Gokil Combo 55GB starter pack is available exclusively on the DANA application starting October 7, 2021. Customers who want to buy just enter the DANA application, make a purchase transaction, and the starter card will be sent to the customer.

This starter pack consists of a main quota of 5GB, an extra quota of 50GB (01.00-05.00 WIB), and an active period of 30 days. The quota available on this starter pack can be used to access any application.

Meanwhile, for the Gokil Combo package, Smartfren provides three quota options, namely 55GB, 75GB, and 127GB. All of these packages can be obtained through the DANA application.