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DANA Encourages Batik Craftsmen to Go Digital through DANA Connect

DANA Encourages Batik Craftsmen to Go Digital through DANA Connect

Batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage has become increasingly known globally since it was inaugurated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO on October 2, 2009.

Along with that, batik centers continue to emerge and the batik industry is growing so that it makes a sizeable contribution to the national economy, including in terms of contributing to employment.

However, the batik industry is now facing challenges from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to an acknowledgment from the association of batik artisans, the batik industry, like other industries in general, has also been affected by the pandemic, although there is no empirical data regarding the decline in sales.

This is especially felt by batik artisans who are not supported by strong capital and do not innovate and adapt to the dynamics that occur.

Even so, the government still believes that the handicraft and batik industry has great potential and is considered capable of supporting the national economic recovery (PEN), especially in the small and medium industry sector.

The condition is that batik craftsmen must be able to innovate both by diversifying, which is not limited to textile products and utilizing digital technology.

Therefore, the acceleration of integrated digital technology is the answer to efforts to recover and improve the handicraft and batik industry, especially those on the MSME scale.

DANA Encourages Batik Craftsmen to Go Digital through DANA Connect

Holding a Discussion Forum on National Batik Day

As an application made by local people and in commemoration of National Batik Day which falls on October 2, DANA digital wallet again holds a discussion forum between stakeholders, namely DANA Connect with the theme “Digital Acceleration for the Advancement of Batik and the Indonesian Cultural Industry”.

Through DANA Connect this time, DANA intends to take part in preserving the culture of the archipelago by helping batik SMEs and culture-based industries in carrying out digital transformation.

Batik as a form of culture-based industry not only preserves Indonesian culture but also contributes to the national economy.

Referring to data from the Ministry of Industry, batik contributes significantly to the national economy and has absorbed more than 200,000 workers.

The presence of a digital ecosystem is expected to provide support for batik craftsmen and other culture-based businesses to be able to survive and be part of the preservation of Indonesian culture.

DANA Encourages Batik Craftsmen to Go Digital through DANA Connect

Has Helped Indonesian MSMEs

Since launching DANA Bisnis, DANA has helped many MSME players in various regions in Indonesia, including those engaged in the craft and textile industry in digitizing their transactions.

Not only in terms of accelerating the digitization of MSMEs, but DANA also seeks to improve the competence of culture-based industry players by providing certified sustainable training and assistance through the DANA Academy.

With the continuous updating of the DANA Bisnis feature, DANA hopes to advance batik craftsmen to be competitive and open up wider opportunities to develop, so that batik as a nation’s culture remains sustainable.

This platform is part of DANA’s initiative to connect all stakeholders including the government, financial institutions, and partners in one discussion forum.

DANA Connect also confirms the commitment of DANA’s initiative to provide sustainable education for business partners, especially MSMEs.

This platform is expected to be able to increase digital literacy and financial inclusion, inspire enthusiasm to keep fighting and rise from the impact of the pandemic, also opening the opportunities for the creative economy community and MSMEs to collaborate.

This time, DANA Connect presents the Expert Staff dr. Letizia M.Kes; the Mayor of Palembang for Economics, Development & Investment, and the President Director of PT Mustika Ratu, IR. Bingar Egidius Situmorang to discuss tips and challenges for advancing this proud Indonesian industry.

Other than product innovation, Mustika Ratu also collaborates with various parties and utilizes distribution channels including e-commerce and uses digital payment methods. One of them is by using DANA.