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Lynk.id Makes it Easy for Loyal Followers to Monetize Creators

Lynk.id Makes it Easy for Loyal Followers to Monetize Creators

The Lynk.id codeless website builder was launched to provide creators with unified tools. Lynk.id Co-Founder Agusleo Halim claims that based on his personal experience, there is currently no website builder that provides the necessary and personalized services to creators.

Lynk.id Makes it Easy for Loyal Followers to Monetize Creators

Claiming to be different from platforms like Shopify or Linktree, using Lynk.id creators can embed information in the form of links with paid concepts. 

This payment scheme can be done using the e-money platform, QRIS, transfer to a virtual account, Indomaret, and others. With this concept, creators can directly monetize their loyal followers on various social media channels.

Creators are also given the option to make sales in the form of merchandise. To facilitate all processes, the platform provides options such as Chat Subscription, Video Call, Event to Digital product.

“As a tool, Lynk.id is agnostic, so it frees creators to embed relevant links to make it easier for them to monetize. Apart from being in the form of e-books, Lynk.id can also be used for webinars,” said Agusleo.

Currently, Lynk.id has had around 90,000 creators since its launch in April 2021. It is hoped that by 2022, 500 thousand creators can be caught. In Indonesia, platforms or tools that offer almost similar options include Typedream and SociaBuzz Tribe.

Monetization Strategy

Lynk.id Makes it Easy for Loyal Followers to Monetize Creators

Creators can use all the features on Lynk.id for free, but if a transaction occurs, a 5% commission will be charged. The platform also provides a PRO option for users who want to lower their commission from 5% to 3%. 

Later they can do custom domains for integration into social commerce such as Instagram Shopping and make manual withdrawals. To be able to market these tools more broadly, Lynk.id does not target creators specifically. 

Regardless of the number of followers each creator on social media can use this service. The Top 10 creators who use Lynk.id are those who provide education about stocks, crypto, Excel, photography, videography, to fiction (in the form of an e-book).

“In particular, we target those who fall into the category of micro-creators or those who don’t have a large number of followers,” said Agusleo.

The company currently has angel investors who provide initial funding. Not yet have a follow-up fundraising plan, they open up opportunities for investors to provide fresh funds.

“Seeing the potential of the next generation who sees YouTube as a profession, later there will be a middle class for creators and I see that it should go there. Because creators are broadcasters, everyone can sell,” said Agusleo.

About Lynk.id

Lynk.id Makes it Easy for Loyal Followers to Monetize Creators

Lynk.id is a mobile webpage creation platform that you can use to share various content from social media or other platforms.

The way Lynk.id works is the same as other mobile webpage creation platforms where you can create a bio link to display on your social media accounts and later you can add links in it.

In addition to sharing content from your other social media, you can also use Lynk.id to sell digital products, services, and webinars. In addition, you can also create an affiliate link on Lynk.id.

Lynk.id provides two versions of the account, namely the Pro version and the Free version. Free version is a free version of Lynk.id where you can use lynk.id without having to pay a penny and this is valid forever.

While the Pro version is a paid version of Lynk.id which is an annual subscription with a subscription fee of IDR 99,000, -/month. Both versions have different facilities or features. The following will present a list of features of each version.

If you are a social media user, especially a content creator who sells digital products, is holding a webinar, or just want to share information via the link on your social media profile, Lynk.id is perfect for you to use.