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Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu

Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu

Gojek became one of the partners of the State-owned Bank Association (Himbara) and the government through the Digital Credit program for MSME (DigiKU). With this partnership, GoFood‘s MSME merchant partners can get access to low-interest loans from Himbara member banks, including BRI Bank.

Quoted from Gojek’s official statement received by Liputan6.com, DigiKU is a joint initiative between the government, Himbara, and digital ecosystem actors as part of the Proudly Made Indonesian National Movement (BBI).

Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu

Gojek Chief Public Policy and Government Relations Shinto Nugroho explained, Gojek had collaborated with BRI, one of the Himbara banks to provide access to low-interest loans to MSME partners.

Shinto revealed that the partner’s income was affected by corona. Therefore, the existence of a mild interest loan facility will ease the burden of SMEs. This help is expected to help keep the business going.

Gojek was very grateful and really appreciated the efforts of the government together with BRI. With this assistance, SMEs are expected to move forward together in the Gojek ecosystem. With the loans provided, it’s expected that MSMEs can seize the new opportunity especially during pandemic.

Provide Information to Help MSME Partners Receive Loans

As a partner in the DigiKu program, Gojek will also provide information for Himbara and the government to support appropriate lending for MSMEs. This is due to the lack of business health guarantee and transactional data. That’s why Gojek will provide the information to help both parties.

Through the mutual assistance scheme that exists in the DigiKU program, Gojek helps Himbara to be able to find out which MSMEs are right for funding assistance. Gojek’s efforts in helping MSMEs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic are also carried out through comprehensive solutions that utilize technology and non-technology.

Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu

MSMEs with healthy business will be more eligible to obtain stimulus. Previously, Gojek have announced that the low-interest loan program featuring BRI. At this stage, Bank BRI has offered the loan facility to a number of GoRide and GoCar partners who are domiciled in the Greater Jakarta area and have gone through pre-screening in advance.

For GoFood business partners who meet the banking requirements set by Bank BRI, the bank will offer loan assistance of up to IDR 20 million, with a tenor of 24 months, with reduced payment fees in the first 3 months.

As for GoRide and GoCar driver-partners, the loan facility offered is IDR 5 million with a loan tenor of 24 months. Driver-partners will get free payment for the first 3 months.

A Contribution from Local Startup

The joining of Gojek in the DigiKU program launched by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia together with Himbara is a form of a contribution of the nation’s startups to the success of the Proudly Made Indonesian National Movement.

“Since early last May, Gojek has continued to actively participate in campaigning for the Proudly Made Indonesian National Movement (BBI) with various Ministries and Agencies. This collaboration with Himbara is an extension of our commitment to help millions of SMEs affected by the pandemic so they can get up, and move forward with Gojek to drive the Indonesian economy,” said Shinto.

Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu

In order to support the BBI National Movement, Gojek mobilized technology and its entire ecosystem to support the millions of MSMEs that are the backbone of the Indonesian economy, so that they can survive, adapt and grow.

Gojek increased MSME visibility on applications, supported MSME sales through various promotional channels including social media, added small business income through various promotions including “Promotions While Doing Good” (PSBB) at GoFood which invited the community to support their favorite culinary MSMEs.