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Bank Mandiri and BRI Inject Financial Technology Startup Ayoconnect
AwanTunai Earns US$ 56.2 Million in Series A2 Funding Round
Qoala Insurance Startup Invites BRI - Aruna to Target Fishermen
BRI Invites OVO to Extend Credit to Digital MSMEs
Cooperating with Himbara, Can Get Low-interest Credit from DigiKu
BRI Venture Prepares IDR 300 Billion for 15 Startups
Financial Startup Received Funding from Several Banks
Mitsubishi and BRI Invest to Investree in the Middle of Pandemic
Collaborates with Google, BRI Look for Startups that Help MSMEs
BRI Agro Distributes Funding of IDR 100 Billion to Investree