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Collaborating with Cicilsewa, Rentfix Completes Property Payment Scheme

Collaborating with Cicilsewa, Rentfix Completes Property Payment Scheme

Aiming to facilitate the payment process for property tenants, Rentfix cooperates with Cicilsewa to provide a monthly rental payment scheme.

Collaborating with Cicilsewa, Rentfix Completes Property Payment Scheme

The trick is to help provide bridging funds for one to two years, so that on the tenant side they can continue to pay in installments with a monthly swap scheme.

Together with Cicilsewa, Rentfix wants to help people to rent properties such as houses, apartments, shop houses, shops, kiosks, offices with more affordable payments.

With this system, the need for tenants to have a decent residence and place of business will be lighter without having to pay a large rent upfront. Currently, this rental installment feature is spread across Jabodetabek.

“We hope that through Rentfix’s collaboration with Cicilsewa, we can continue to increase property rental transactions at Rentfix post-pandemic. We are also optimistic about property rental demand which has started to grow again with the increase in the number of rental transactions at Rentfix, which seems to continue to rise at this time,” said Rentfix CEO Effendy Tanuwidjaja.

Collaborating with Cicilsewa, Rentfix Completes Property Payment Scheme

Services Provided by Rentfix and CicilSewa

The way that Rentfix offers through this feature is that the Cicilsewa will pay in full one year to the property owner so that the tenant can easily pay the rent per month.

This will address the gap in the property rental market in meeting the needs of people who do not yet have the means to meet the 12 months upfront payment for property rentals.

“As for the curation process for tenants who are entitled to the opportunity for property rental installments at Rentfix, first the tenant can provide complete data and documents, then survey the property unit, and report on the results of approval and payment of initial fees (DP, First Installment),” said Effendy.

It can also calculate and adjust the rental fee according to the financial capacity of the tenant. Then the tenant can do an installment scheme, namely a minimum down payment of 30% of the total rent. This scheme makes it easy and helps the tenant’s cash flow.

To minimize the risk, his party has set a grace period for paying rent and a penalty for late payment of rent is set at only 0.3% per day of the total bill for the month.

“We see that most of the property tenants often complain because they have to pay the property rent in full for a year. So, Rentfix provides a monthly rental payment scheme by helping provide bailout funds so that tenants can pay monthly,” said Effendy.

Collaborating with Cicilsewa, Rentfix Completes Property Payment Scheme

Rentfix Business Growth

Launched in 2017, Rentfix claims that from March to May 2022 its business growth has increased by 70-100%.

The increase occurred in property needs, one of which is residential such as houses that get good results with many requests per month. Rentfix also continues to explore cooperation with new partners.

Until now, Rentfix claims to have more than 3000 users and 55 tenants and buyers partners. At the end of 2020, Rentfix launched the “Rentfix Sale and Purchase” feature.

This buying and selling business was launched because of the many requests from users who want to own a residence in an easy way and process. In 2021, Rentfix has also expanded its business scope to Singapore.

Had experienced obstacles during the pandemic, now the proptech platform has begun to experience a lot of growth. Starting from the number of properties offered, to the number of enthusiasts who are still increasing until now.

In addition to proptech platforms such as Rentfix, services that prioritize technology for the property business are also starting to appear. Among them are Pintuitive, Jendela360, and Pinhome.

Basically, CicilSewa brings together property owners, whether houses, shop houses, or apartments, to those who want to rent the property.

CicilSewa applies a difference in the method of payment, because prospective tenants do not have to pay rent in advance for a year.

The rental fee will be paid in advance by CicilSewa to the property owner, and then the tenant will pay the rent to CicilSewa in installments.