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Beliruma Wants to Facilitate Comprehensive Property Business Process

Beliruma Wants to Facilitate Comprehensive Property Business Process

One of the platforms that wants to make it easier for consumers to make home sales and purchases online is Beliruma. This service was only released in early October 2021 and is currently operating the platform.

Beliruma Wants to Facilitate Comprehensive Property Business Process

Effendy Tanuwidjaja, Founder & CEO of Beliruma said that this service was presented to accelerate people to have a place to live.

“Beliruma was launched because we wanted to focus on the digital platform for buying and selling property, accelerating and making it easier for Indonesians to own a house through technology.”

Under the auspices of PT Real Estate Teknologi, which also owns and manages Rentfix, Beliruma facilitates interaction between developer partners, agent partners, and prospective buyers to help make the entire property buying and selling transaction process easier and faster with the help of technology.

In the transaction process, it will be easier for the developer partners who have joined, because Beliruma has access to agent partners who are ready to help market the property.

Later, the agent partners will not only market the property and earn sales profits, but they will also gain access to various other properties.

Then for prospective buyers, Beliruma will help oversee the entire transaction process from initial contact to the contract process. Currently, Beliruma already has several developer partners.

Beliruma currently utilizes websites and browsers. The Beliruma application is currently still being developed by the company.

“We are integrating partners, property stakeholders, and Beliruma features to focus on accelerating people to have a place to live. And also prospective buyers have the freedom to choose the type of financing we provide,” said Effendy.

Beliruma Wants to Facilitate Comprehensive Property Business Process

Partnering with Fintech Services

Beliruma also facilitates homeownership loans (KPR) through bank partners, as well as facilitates fintech services to provide financial services for prospective buyers in payment or application for property loans.

Beliruma is currently exploring cooperation with fintech services, one of which is Gradana. Beliruma is also building partnerships with various banks to facilitate mortgage facilities, one of which is Bank Jago.

“For that, we will work with various banks to facilitate the community in housing loans (KPR). And we will facilitate Fintech features to provide financial services for prospective buyers in payment or application for property loans,” said Effendy.

This year there are several targets to be achieved by the company, including continuing to increase developer partners and agent partners as well as reaching more potential buyers, especially in the younger generation segment.

Beliruma Wants to Facilitate Comprehensive Property Business Process

Proptech Growth during the Pandemic

The development of the property technology industry (proptech) during the pandemic in Indonesia underwent a digital transformation that has brought many companies to good business activities and ensures the continuity of business performance.

The development of the proptech industry has had a huge impact on the property business. Since a few years ago, proptech has begun to be applied in this industry for various activities such as branding, marketing, buying, selling, and leasing, as well as property management so that it can be monitored and managed more easily.

The reason is that property can be the best investment choice in all economic conditions. The current condition is considered to be the right time to buy property, given the relaxation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and a 0% down payment policy as well as promotions from current developers.

Currently, there are at least 20 more proptech platforms in Indonesia. Utilizing technology, each platform tries to offer features and ease of access for property owners and property seekers.

According to East Ventures, the property industry is the largest asset class in the world. The first wave of Proptech in Indonesia began with increasing housing demand from the middle class, thanks to a healthier and growth-driven economy.

This area of ​​proptech is still the most popular, with a high concentration on sell, buy, and rent search portal startups. The next wave of proptech is predicted to be all about data, backed by incredible advances in data storage, and ingestion.

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