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Government and Katapel.ID Hold Intellectual Property Guidance Event

Government and Katapel.ID Hold Intellectual Property Guidance Event

Intellectual property may not be something that is commonly heard in the ears of many people. However, there are many creative products based on intellectual property that we unconsciously consume. Call it the character Si Juki, which was originally a comic. Now, Si Juki has been made into an animated feature film.

Likewise, Filosofi Kopi, which originated from a book by Dewi Lestari, has been adapted into feature films, coffee shops, and even has a merchandise line. The market value of the licensing industry in Southeast Asia alone is estimated at more than USD 10.4 billion or more than IDR 140 trillion.

Government and Katapel.ID Hold Intellectual Property Guidance Event

The huge economic potential has prompted the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government together with Katapel.ID to hold the Jakarta Katapel, a CHSE technical guidance program and commercialization of intellectual property-based creative products in Jakarta on 20-23 December 2020.

Plt. Head of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office, Gumilar Ekalaya, said that this training was held not only as a means of socializing the implementation of the CHSE for the creative industry community, but also as an effort to accelerate national economic recovery and answer the challenges of business competition in the New Normal era through the added value provided by knowledge of the intellectual property.

“In collaboration with the Indonesian Property Intellectual Property Association, the Jakarta Catapel activity is here to provide direct support to artists and creative actors as well as to provide support for the creative economy industry sector and increase the competitiveness of the creative industry,” said Gumilar in a written statement.

Free for Creative Industry Players

Gumilar said, his party provides training to 100 DKI Jakarta residents who are creative industry players ranging from animation, games, comics, fashion brands, graphic design, advertising, and others.

“Hopefully in the future, they can provide added value from creative products in the commercialization of intellectual property owned by each of the technical guidance participants from the program organized by the DKI Jakarta provincial government,” said Gumilar.

Government and Katapel.ID Hold Intellectual Property Guidance Event

Meanwhile, Robby Wahyudi, Program Director of Katapel.ID, hopes that this program can be an opportunity for participants to find out various things about the commercialization of intellectual property.

“Through this program, Brand Owners can get to know directly and see how far the commercialization of local intellectual property has gone, which has great potential to be side by side with the world’s intellectual property. This forum is also an effort of the Katapel program to create an ecosystem for creative economy actors,” said Robby.

Katapel Program was Initiated by Bekraf

In order to reach a wider audience, this event is also held online through Zoom. Those who are interested in participating in this activity can immediately register at bit.ly/daftarkjo2020 due to the limited quota.

Katapel is a program released by the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and can be accessed online through Katapel.id. Through this platform, creators can attend various training regarding the commercialization of intellectual property.

Government and Katapel.ID Hold Intellectual Property Guidance Event

This program is to bridge creative actors or intellectual property owners with experts in the marketing of intellectual property licenses in order to build a sustainable ecosystem to develop local intellectual property and strengthen domestic and foreign selling value.

Fahmy explained IP sales can also be done in 3 ways, namely, selling out, selling licenses, and franchising. “However, there are still many of our creative actors who do not understand this problem, even though the potential selling power is quite high,” he said.

He also noted the lack of collaboration between experts across fields. Professionals in the creative industry or local intellectual property owners hardly ever come in contact with professionals in license marketing.

Slingshot is a program initiated by Bekraf to bridge creative actors or patent owners with experts in the field of license marketing. This program is expected to build a sustainable ecosystem and strengthen the selling value of the copyright at home and abroad.