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Clickwork.co Startup Launches a Platform to Ease WFH Coordination

Clickwork.co Startup Launches a Platform to Ease WFH Coordination

Covid-19 pandemic which suddenly changed the work culture into an inspiration for this Indonesian startup to develop a platform called Clickwork.co.

Various types of jobs ranging from Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Inventory, and Collaboration can now be done easily and efficiently in only one of the best platforms which will soon also be launched in a number of Asian countries.

Clickwork.co Startup Launches a Platform to Ease WFH Coordination

Let’s just say, in a remote work position or Work From Home (WFH) each member can do attendance online that is equipped with GPS tracking and organize all jobs according to deadlines, assignations, and status.

Users can also use the Clickwork.co timesheet system so that the team can easily monitor the completion time of the work. For Sales jobs, for example, Clickwork.co helps from lead pipelines to sales order management. Managers can track all prospects and sales progress.

Because the Clickwork.co system is web-based, salespeople can update their status and reports from anywhere, anytime, and through any device. All sales transactions can also be automatically integrated into inventory and accounting which are part of ClickWork.co as well.

Likewise with Purchasing, Clickwork.co helps tidy up vendor data and purchases. Providing insights on purchase price trends with the latest purchase price alert feature, to monitoring shipments Even the ClickWork.co accounting feature is very simple and easy to use, with integrity configurations that prioritize data accuracy.

Clickwork.co’s Features are More Complete than Enterprise Level Software in General

In addition, the features available at Clickwork.co are even more complete than enterprise-level software in general. There are many types of financial statements that can be displayed such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and so on.

“Clickwork.co is also equipped with a dashboard that can help business owners monitor the condition and financial health of their companies in real-time,” Lusiana Lu, Business Development Director of Clickwork.co said.

Clickwork.co Startup Launches a Platform to Ease WFH Coordination

Clickwork.co was launched in Indonesia online on April 27, 2020. This startup from Indonesia also plans to expand to other ASEAN countries.

The reason, according to Lusiana Lu, is the availability of a complete Software-as-Service (SaaS) based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform as complete as Clickwork.co is not yet available. Moreover, the Clickwork.co feature will also be localized according to the country so that the resulting business flow and reporting are accurate.

According to Lusiana Lu, the use of Clickwork.co during the business pandemic can be helped by its operations and the efficiency of the business world. In difficult times like this, improvements and automation are needed especially in the IT and Software fields. However, IT automation tends to require high investment.

“With Clickwork.co, companies can calmly make improvements and developments to reverse their business conditions after being affected by a pandemic without having to pay large costs,” she said.

Clickwork Is a Pioneer of the ERP Platform

In terms of features, Clickwork.co is far superior to other platforms because it is very complete. In a way, Clickwork.co is a pioneer of the first affordable SaaS-based ERP platform in Indonesia.

The system has also been designed by experts who ensure that the Clickwork.co flow system complies with the best standard practice and is very easy to use. Clickwork.co’s user experience is carefully designed to ensure that the number of clicks needed to move from one feature to another can be minimized as optimal as possible.

Clickwork.co Startup Launches a Platform to Ease WFH Coordination

Everyone and all types of businesses can use it, from small, medium to large businesses. The users can choose one module from various existing modules.

Lusiana Lu said that for now, it does provide free usage options to all users without exception of the 2GB usage limit. In addition to free, there are also pro or advance packages.

To upgrade to PRO, the auto-scaling package, users only need to pay 180 thousand for each use of multiples of 10GB per month. To upgrade to the Advanced package with a storage limit of 20GB per month, users can choose a monthly or annual payment method.