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Boy Thohir’s Startup, Umma Releases Online Learning

Boy Thohir's Startup, Umma Releases Online Learning

Muslim community-based application provider startup PT Khazanah Prima Sukses (Umma) launched an online learning or e-learning feature, called uClass. The launch was carried out amid the high demand for online learning platform services during the corona pandemic.

CEO and Co-Founder Umma Indra Wiralaksmana said, uClass aims to provide opportunities for the Muslim community to learn, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. “Users can access various classes, both reading the Koran and daily practice,” he said during a virtual press conference, Tuesday (8/9).

Boy Thohir's Startup, Umma Releases Online Learning

He noted that there is no online learning platform that focuses on Islamic material in Indonesia. The majority of the population is Muslim. Therefore, the startup, which is partly owned by the President Director of PT Adaro Energy Tbk, Garibaldi Thohir, or Boy Thohir, launched an e-learning feature.

E-learning applications and video conversations, such as Zoom, are in great demand during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Indra assessed that there were differences in terms of material and market share that was targeted by Umma compared to other platforms.

“If you pay attention, they (other e-learning platforms) focus on the nine-year compulsory education. Meanwhile, Umma, users can study religion,” he said.

Users Can Focus on Learning Religion through uClass

Religious learning can be done anywhere, including digitally. Learning can also be easier and more flexible when you can meet face to face through electronic devices, such as what Umma introduced with its uClass.

The newest feature of Umma, a Muslim community and lifestyle platform, is the first Muslim e-learning in Indonesia that has a comprehensive curriculum. UClass also provides interactive features to invite the #JadiMuslimCerdas community.

Boy Thohir's Startup, Umma Releases Online Learning

CEO and Co-Founder umma Indra Wiralaksmana said, the development of this feature began in Ramadan which was still overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, so there were limitations to studying or following lectures of religious leaders in assemblies. With the uClass, Muslims are expected to be better and more productive.

“People now have an increasing religious need. Through uClass, Muslims can learn from reading the Koran to learning various other topics,” said Indra at the launch of online uClass listened in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/9).

The uClass feature aims to provide opportunities to learn various Islamic topics, both learning to read the Koran and classes that are practical and pragmatic that are relevant to be practiced in everyday life. As a #JadiMuslimCerdas solution, uClass provides a seamless learning experience.

Umma Previously Launched a Live-Streaming Feature

Before uClass, Umma launched a live streaming feature that offered Islamic studies directly through the application. During the last Ramadan, there were 10 thousand users who watched live streaming studies through this feature.

In addition, Umma provides features to read the Qur’an, prayer schedules, and Qibla direction. Indra is optimistic that application users can more intensely follow Islamic material with the existence of uClass. There are already 60 classes available, such as trading materials for the Muslim community.

Boy Thohir's Startup, Umma Releases Online Learning

Then, there are Al-Quran learning classes for adults and children alike. The curriculum is arranged systematically and divided into several levels, according to the user’s level of understanding. Speakers can organize classrooms, upload material in the form of videos or other assignments for participants.

In addition, they can create forums and have discussions with participants. The cost per class starts from IDR 30 thousand to IDR 300 thousand. There are more than 5,000 uClass participants a month. Meanwhile, the Umma application has been downloaded 9.3 million times since it was launched last year.

The founder of OK OCE, Sandiaga Uno, added that applications such as Umma are targeting a market with great potential because the majority of the population in Indonesia is Muslim. The total population of Indonesian Muslims is 12.7% of the total Muslim population in the world.