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Umma Offered the #diummaaja Feature This Ramadan

Umma Offered the #diummaaja Feature This Ramadan

Welcoming Ramadan this year, Umma application, one of the number 1 Muslim social media platforms in Indonesia, presents several special features. The brand-new features are presented to help Indonesian Muslims maximize worship from home, especially during Ramadan 1441 H.

The Corona pandemic changed the joints of the Indonesian people’s lives. With the policy of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), the government limits all forms of activities in public places, including religious activities.

Umma Offered the #diummaaja Feature This Ramadan

Responding to this, Umma offers easy support for Muslims in worship, learning, interacting, and sharing information among each other, especially in the month of Ramadan this year.

It was said that the Co-Founder and CEO of Umma Indra Wiralaksmana, now is very important for Muslims to maximize worship activities from home in the middle of the PSBB policy that is being implemented.

“It is undeniable that the current conditions do not allow for direct meetings in public places,” Indra said.

He added, from observations since the appeal to keep the distance (physical distancing) began, umma users missed the studies of the scientific assembly. Moreover, entering Ramadan, the holy month which is always awaited by Muslims every year.

Affirmed Indra, Ramadan certainly has been awaited by Muslims to compete in doing good and worship. “In accordance with our mission, umma as the largest Muslim social media in Indonesia is ready to help Indonesian Muslims to continue together to become better Muslims (khairu ummah) through the use of technology for worship while at home,” he said.

3 Latest Umma’s Features to Support Ramadan Activities

There are some special features for Ramadan besides standard features that already exist, Umma prepares some special features to maximize Muslim worship at home during the month of Ramadan this time, including:

1. Daily Worship Journal Feature

This feature is a reminder of daily worship. Umma launches the feature of attainment of worship (badge) based on user activity in the application. To get each badge, users must complete worship missions such as reading the Qur’an for 30 minutes in 5 consecutive days.

2. Clinical Features of Reading the Qur’an

Umma also organizes the One Day One Juz program every time to break the fast in the application. Through the Tahsin Reading Qur’an Clinic in the umma application, the user can check the rules of reading the Qur’an in tartil, recitation, and according to makhorijul letters (letter spelling) for reading certain verses.

Umma Offered the #diummaaja Feature This Ramadan

3. Live Streaming Study Feature in Umma

Reducing the feeling of longing to be present at the majors or the Islamic boarding school that is usually done every Ramadan, umma presents the Live Streaming feature.

The live broadcast feature of this study facilitates Umma users to be able to discuss and conduct a question-and-answer with Ustad directly from the UMI app. The material will be delivered by Ustad experienced at dawn and before breaking the fast.

The Company also Prepared Gifts to Enliven the Ramadan This Year

Not only that, but Umma will also share gifts to users in this Ramadan through a series of activities in the application. The series of activities itself was held because it coincided with the first Umma millad in April.

“Ahead of Ramadan 1441 H, the Umma platform is ready to support Muslims in Indonesia so that they can worship at Umma alone, with more leverage,” Indra said.

Umma Offered the #diummaaja Feature This Ramadan

Since its launch in April last year, the app has been downloaded by more than 8 million users, with an active user growth of up to 400% since Ramadan last year. Indra said, by targeting as many users as possible, the Umma application wanted to expand its ecosystem.

If there are already many users, the ecosystem will be rich, he said. Thus, the options will be more open, broader, and more monetizing. Umma application targeting Muslims who form the majority of Indonesian citizens. He said competition for the application market for Islamic-based users was still wide open.