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Avalon Fresh chooses Malaysia as its Southeast Asia Region Export Hub

Avalon Fresh chooses Malaysia as its Southeast Asia Region Export Hub

Avalon Fresh, an organic grower from Mexico has established its Southeast Asian regional hub in Malaysia to export more than 20 types of organic produce to this region including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Middle East. Founded in 2013 by Alejandro Vazquez Alcazar, Avalon Fresh has grown to become a leading supplier of fresh, healthy and organic produce in the United States of America, exporting 4,276 tonnes in total last year.

According to Director of International Operations, Patricia Vazquez Marin, “Malaysia is a strategic location for the Southeast Asian hub for the Avalon Fresh brand with extra perks such as facilitating government in regards to international investments, stable and growing economy boosted by high purchasing power, high quality of life at affordable rates, a big pool of skilled talents and many more. Hence, the decision to expand our brand outside of the United States of America”. Prior to this, 100% of Avalon Fresh’s organic produce was exported to meet American demands.

Avalon Fresh chooses Malaysia as its Southeast Asia Region Export Hub

Vazquez also found that post COVID-19 outbreak, the society has become more aware of the importance to keep a healthy lifestyle, by practising strict hygiene, working out and adopting a more organic dietary intake. Avalon Fresh is starting the operations of a new processing plant to produce more options including frozen, dehydrated and processed vegetables such as cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, vegetable chips, instant guacamole and fruits.

Understanding the importance of Shariah-compliant practises in most parts of its targeted market, Vazquez explained that Avalon Fresh has been working closely with Instituto Halal Junta Islamica (The Halal Institute of Islamic Body), a Shariah governing body that determines the status of ‘Garantia Halal’ (Halal Certified) for companies in Spain and Mexico. Vazquez also added that the Halal Institute is already in talks with the Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia (JAKIM) to receive a JAKIM’s halal certification for its vast line of products which is accepted worldwide.

Avalon Fresh chooses Malaysia as its Southeast Asia Region Export Hub

“We have already built our Avalon Fresh brand as a supplier of socially-responsible, conventional, organic and halal farm-fresh vegetables and food products in the Americas. After winning the prestigious National Award for the Exporter of the Year by the Mexican Business Council of Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology last year, we knew it was time to explore more opportunities in one of the largest economic markets in the world – Asia, hence establishing our brand presence in Malaysia through the regional office and Japan by working with a partner,” Vazquez added.

Avalon Fresh’s organic products are grown only in Mexico to ensure adherence to the organic farming standards and the high quality of the products. According to Vazquez, her team has gone into negotiations with some of the leading importers and distributors in the region as part of their fulfilment strategies. Avalon Fresh’s organic chia seeds reached the Malaysian shores on 22 August 2020.