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Blibli Distributes Donations from Platform Made by Ahok, Jangkau

Blibli Distributes Donations from Non-profit Platform Made by Ahok, Jangkau

E-commerce Blibli collaborates with the non-profit platform Jangkau that was founded by Ahok to channel peer-to-peer donations of goods to parties in need. Not only that, Blibli now also has a business-to-business (B2B) business model, helping corporate and institutional needs in the procurement of goods and services, to warehouse services and logistics.

Blibli CEO Kusumo Martanto revealed that in the midst of a pandemic, digital transformation is increasingly being enhanced, including in the procurement process to handling logistics for the donation platform, Jangkau.

Blibli Distributes Donations from Platform Made by Ahok, Jangkau

“Today we are inaugurating the collaboration with the Jangkau donation platform. This is Blibli’s strategy in the digital era, one of which is support to facilitate the distribution of donations,” said Kusumo, in the announcement of the cooperation between Blibli and Jangkau through Zoom, Monday (21/12/2020).

Kusumo said, with procurement and logistics services, Blibli is now a one-stop solution for B2B clients, both companies and agencies. Jangkau is a donation platform made by the Professional Transparent Seed Foundation (BTP) that brings together donors and recipients of assistance in the form of long-distance school support items to medical devices.

This platform was here initiated by the former Governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok who became the founder.

Bring Together Donors and Beneficiaries

Founder of Jangkau, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, said that the Jangkau platform brought together people who needed help with donors. “There are so many people who need help, while many people want to help. By collaborating with Blibli, distribution of aid can be done more easily,” said the man who is intimately called Ahok.

Blibli himself, according to Ahok, had previously provided assistance to children who needed a smartphone to support distance learning, not only making distribution easier but providing special discounts for the purchase of donated devices.

Meanwhile, Demos Oktovianus, Co-founder of Jangkau, said that the Jangkau platform was helping donations to be more targeted because in the process verification was carried out for beneficiaries. “Jangkau has an easy user interface. In addition, there is information disclosure, when and where donations are channeled with tiered verification,” he said.

Blibli Distributes Donations from Platform Made by Ahok, Jangkau

During a pandemic, the number of requests for donations has indeed increased. According to him, the toughest challenge is in the distribution of donations to all regions in Indonesia. Blibli’s action also received support from BenihBaik.

“The distribution of donations costs money. Here, Blibli’s role is very large, namely channeling aid in an effective way to areas where access is difficult. This is a partnership that is really needed,” said co-founder of Benih Baik, Andy F.

Application for Assisting the Elderly and Disabilities

The application made by the former Governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok named “Jangkau” can be downloaded by Android users on the Google Play Store. This application is intended to bring together people who want to provide assistance and those who need help.

The concept of this application is like e-commerce that brings together sellers and buyers. The difference is, what is offered in this application is object assistance specifically for seniors, children, and people with disabilities. This application is quite light, with only 8.4 megabits. In the Google Play Store it is mentioned that this app is under development so it may be unstable.

Blibli Distributes Donations from Platform Made by Ahok, Jangkau

It states that Jangkau is a non-profit platform created to help meet the needs of seniors and children in need. This application is also intended for unreachable emergency needs, such as serious illness, accidents, and so on.

In the application it is also stated, Jangkau is open to working with non-profit organizations that have the same vision and mission. There are four menus lined up at the bottom of the screen, namely Home, Contribute, Ask for, and Profile.

Information about the Jangkau profile can be seen on the Home menu. In the Donate menu, there are choices of items that you want to donate, namely wheelchairs, disc sticks, clothespins, blind canes, crutches, plus reading glasses, and elderly pampers of sizes M to XL.