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Blibli Mitra, Blibli’s Efforts to Help MSMEs Go Digital

Blibli Mitra, Blibli's Efforts to Help MSMEs Go Digital

A year ago, local eCommerce Blibli introduced the Blibli Mitra omnichannel to help more MSME players go digital. Now, according to Blibli’s internal data as of October 2020, 16,000 MSME players consisting of shop owners and grocery stores in the country have joined Blibli Mitra.

Blibli embodies this support for shop owners and grocery stores in the presence of a separate application called Blibli Mitra. With a simple and easy to use user interface, partners can sell pulses and tickets to consumers, as well as shop for wholesales to be resold at their stores.

Blibli Mitra, Blibli's Efforts to Help MSMEs Go Digital

Blibli’s Vice President of Offline-to-Online David Michum said that apart from ease of use of the application, transaction security is also guaranteed. The reason is, for every transaction made, whether it is the purchase of stock goods, selling credit, to BPJS payment services, the business owner must enter a PIN.

Apart from security, the Blibli Mitra application also offers order details to proof of payment to business owners. Proof of this payment can also be printed or sent via WhatsApp to credit buyers, for example.

David said, through a partnership with Unilever, the stall stock products are also sold at competitive prices. Business owners can get additional benefits through the cashback offered for each product purchase. Offering easy access, the Blibli Mitra application is guaranteed to work even if the internet connection is not too good or the device has low specifications.

“Because we really consider the digital literacy of MSME players, the Blibli Mitra application comes with a light size of 1.6MB, so that when the connection is not good, shop owners can still make transactions,” said David at the Blibli Mitra press conference held through Zoom, Thursday (19/11/2020).

Support the National Economy

With the presence of Blibli Mitra, Blibli hopes to be able to help MSME players as well as participate in improving the national economy. The reason is, according to David, MSMEs contribute 60 percent of gross domestic income (GDP) and absorb the most labor.

So far, based on government data, out of 64 million MSME players, 13 percent have gone digital. Blibli hopes that with Blibli Mitra, the number of MSMEs that go digital can increase.

Blibli Mitra, Blibli's Efforts to Help MSMEs Go Digital

David also explained the various advantages of joining Blibli Mitra. Among other things is the convenience of financial services, because payments can be made by PayLater, BliPay, Gopay, Cermati, and cash payments when the goods arrive at the shop.

Other conveniences are reliable customer service, omnichannel support that is connected to Blibli, Bliblimart, Click and Collect, to Blibli in Store. In addition, in terms of logistics, David promised that the goods purchased by Blibli Mitra will reach a maximum of H + 1 so that the store’s stock will remain guaranteed.

12 Digital Products Offered

Currently, Blibli Mitra has 12 digital and wholesale products, ranging from pulses, data packages, game vouchers, PLN tokens and electricity bill payments, cable TV subscription payments, BPJS, zakat, PDAM, credit installments, Telkom, to purchasing train tickets. In the future, this product will continue to be added.

“We will not stop with 12 products, we want to provide more solutions, form partnerships with financial institutions so that financial access is no longer exclusive. In addition, Blibli will also continue to develop payment options including COD, to accelerate cash flow,” said David.

Blibli Mitra, Blibli's Efforts to Help MSMEs Go Digital

In order to help maintain the availability of shop goods and business turnover for partners, Blibli partners offer fast delivery facilitated by end-to-end logistics services, namely Fullfillment By Blibli (FBB) which is supported by 20 warehouses and 32 hubs throughout Indonesia. That way, the need for stalls owned by MSME players can be supplied easily.

Interestingly, delivery services are also provided free of charge to save on operating costs for shop partners. “In the future, we want to increase the financial inclusion of micro-entrepreneurs by establishing partnerships with financial institutions,” said David.