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BenihBaik Collaborates with BliBli.com and Danamon to Help People

BenihBaik Collaborates with BliBli.com and Danamon to Help People

The crowdfunding platform BenihBaik.com collects donations of at least IDR21 billion more to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Of that amount, IDR14 billion had been distributed to the community.

The Head of Digital Contents of BenihBaik.com Wahyu Lilik said that as of May 11 at 10:00 WIB the donation funds collected related to the Covid-19 campaign amounted to IDR21.36 billion. “There are still a number of partners committed to helping. In the next few days a total of more than IDR22 billion,” he said on Tuesday (05/12/2020).

BenihBaik Collaborates with BliBli.com and Danamon to Help People

Until now the crowdfunding has made 139 campaigns to collect donations from the public and corporations. “For the campaign related to Covid-19, it is divided into 3 categories, namely PPE, basic food & non-PPE and basic necessities,” he explained.

He explained, the recipients received various assistance. The average food recipient gets a package worth IDR100,000 – IDR200,000 per party.

PPE Assistance Is Channeled through PMI, BNPB and Media Group

Meanwhile, assistance in the form of personal protective equipment with varying prices is channeled through the Indonesian Red Cross, the National Disaster Management Agency, and the Media Group. They also took out joint venture donation programs to share with informal workers.

The public can donate with a minimum amount of IDR1,000. “It’s not how much it’s worth, it’s mutual cooperation to help others,” he said.

The founder of BenihBaik.com, Andy F Noya, said that a fundraising platform makes it easy for the community to contribute to helping others without having to go straight to the road.

“They use donations using a variety of methods, including through the BenihBaik.com crowdfunding platform. If seen from the number of donations collected from 150 COVID-19 fundraising programs at BenihBaik.com, which reached more than IDR22 billion, “he said.

BenihBaik Collaborates with BliBli.com and Danamon to Help People

Benihbaik and Blibli had already Collected Donations for Medical Staff

The fundraising platform BenihBaik.com joins hands with the pioneers of the online shopping mall Blibli.com to raise funds. These funds are collected for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies for medical workers as well as volunteers who are struggling to fight Covid-19.

Andy F Noya revealed the convenience of donating for loyal customers of BliBli.com. They can exchange BliBli Points rewards for donation, or by buying a donation voucher on the e-commerce platform.

The entire donation collected will be channeled in part through Benihbaik not only for PPE procurement but also for the supply of sanitation products, ranging from antiseptics to disinfectants, for those who are in the vanguard or vulnerable to Covid-19.

Customers who want to donate either through Blibli Rewards or vouchers can go directly to the Blibli front page where there is a link to the “Donate Care COVID-19” microsite made for fundraising.

BenihBaik Collaborates with BliBli.com and Danamon to Help People

Online Ride-hailing Driver-partners also Received Donation from Danamon Bank through BenihBaik

Danamon Bank together with Adira Finance and MUFG in collaboration with BenihBaik.com donated food supplies to online drivers in the form of cash donations of more than IDR1 billion.

They considers online drivers an important part of the struggle against Covid-19 through their role in ensuring the availability of food, medicines, and other basic necessities in every household.

Yasushi Itagaki, President Director of Bank Danamon, said that his party wanted to make a real contribution in the war against the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for the strata of society most affected by this pandemic.

They also want to ease the burden borne by the community, while increasing enthusiasm, as well as ensuring the community that together with Indonesia can face this challenge. The same was conveyed also by Andy F. Noya, founder of BenihBaik.com.

“The concern of Bank Danamon and its Affiliated Group in collaboration with BenihBaik to play a role in COVID-19 prevention efforts is a form of mutual cooperation spirit to help our affected brothers and sisters. Especially for those who earn a daily income, including online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis,” Andy F. Noya said.