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iTrain adhere with MOE and Google to equip Malaysian teachers with virtual teaching methods

iTrain adhere with MOE and Google to equip Malaysian teachers with virtual teaching methods

Kuala Lumpur, 13 May 2020- iTrain, a leading Google for Education Partner in Asia Pacific join The Ministry of Education and Google Malaysia to equip Malaysian teachers with the knowledge and skills to conduct virtual classes for more than 6 million students affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) that followed the global outbreak of Covid-19

Witnessing first-hand effects that the MCO has on the education sector, iTrain stepped in and joined hands with the Ministry of Education and Google Malaysia to conduct a series of webinars to encourage local teachers to familiarise themselves with the digitalisation of teaching and learning practises to keep the students’ progress on track. By using the Google Classroom platform, teachers are able to stay connected with their students while the students can continue learning their subjects with proper guidance. 

iTrain adhere with MOE and Google to equip Malaysian teachers with virtual teaching methods

“We aim to equip all teachers in Malaysia with the current tech trends to enable seamless virtual classrooms. Although the MCO hit us hard, teachers and students should not give up easily as this is the best time to improve ourselves with self-learning and self-development with the help of technology,” said Eric Ku, Executive Director of iTrain Group. “To date, we have assisted more than 1,000 teachers from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to conduct virtual classrooms for their students. We will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Education and Google Malasia to reach out to more teachers in the next few days”. 

“Ku also believed that parents also play an important role in online learning to support the teachers. They need to guide and assist their children frequently to ensure that their children make full use of the online learning platform. Parents are also responsible for monitoring their children’s homework, checking on the submission deadlines and also teaching them to do tutorials online”. As such, iTrain also rolled out the Google Classroom online learning for parents on 16 May 2020 (English session) and 23 May 2020 (Mandarin session), registration is free at https://bit.ly/gfe-english  and https://bit.ly/gfe-mandarin.

iTrain adhere with MOE and Google to equip Malaysian teachers with virtual teaching methods

iTrained designed a few comprehensive webinars that aim to equip educators with skills on Google tools including Google Classroom, Drive, Calendar and Hangouts, enabling them to run online classes efficiently. The webinars also cover online communication, smart classroom, tips to engage with students online, facilitation of group work in a virtual classroom and many more. 

With more than 15 years of training experience under their belt, iTrain is set to revolutionise the education industry through digital transformation and guarantees access to various resources for educators with the integration of G Suite. iTrain also collaborated with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) by organising three webinars to allow lecturers to be creative and more organised in virtual classrooms. 

To encourage more educators to embrace digitalisation of the teaching and learning practises, iTrain is organising another webinar on running online classes by using the right Google tools. The webinar titled ‘Make your lessons more engaging with Google Online Learning Strategies – G Suite for Education’ will go live on 11 May 2020, Monday from 10.00 am to 11.00 am. 

iTrain calls for all educators in Malaysia who are dedicated to their responsibilities to sign up online via: https://bit.ly/itrainonlinelearning or email: info@itrain.com.my for further information and assistance. 

The recording from the webinars will also be made available online for free on iTrain Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/itrainmalaysia-youtubechannel