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Best ASUS Laptop for Editing Video and Visual Contents

Best ASUS Laptop for Editing Video and Visual Contents

What is the best Asus Laptop for editing video? It is a common question owned by people right now. It is because so many people are interested in making content on their youtube or social media accounts. Edit that content first is important.

Why? This editing step can make their video is more interesting and aesthetic to look at, a thing like this will attract more viewers as well. Besides the visual things, adding some audios and texts are also recommended to do.

Asus as a giant laptop factory knows that it is a huge market. That is why; several laptop series that they have been supported by great features for editing. Those are like the X55QA-BX101T and the Vivo book flip.

Best ASUS Laptop for Editing Video and Visual Contents

The Elegant X55QA-BX101T Series as the Best Asus Laptop

A good laptop for editing must have several special characteristics that you need to consider. An example is the fast processing system. To support the process of processing video editing of course it takes a fast gadget, especially when rendering video. 

The tighter the laptop will definitely be the smoother it will be in editing videos. But that’s not the only guarantee. For the processor side, you can choose a device with power from the Intel Core series. It is owned by this X55QA-BX101T.

While laptops with a low budget are usually equipped with E-AMD or Intel Pentium C series processors or Intel Atom that have excellent battery life. Therefore, at least laptops use intel core i3 series that can already be used to run video editing programs. 

The Best Processor Equipped 

This device steals the attention of the people since it was first launched by Asus. This device offers performance tough enough to meet work needs, as well as multimedia, that is why; a lot of people are interested in buying this item than others.

The performance of this laptop is equipped with AMD A10-9620P processors paired with AMD Radeon R7 VGA. It performs faster thanks to 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD hard drive. Based on the data, this laptop is sold at an affordable price as well.

The Graphics Card Performance

Just like RAM, Graphic Card/VGA is also very important in displaying sharp visualizations. Built-in VGA like Intel Skylake is also quite capable, as long as it can display images on its screen. At least laptops have AMD or Nvidia graphics cards.

This best Laptop is equipped with the proper graphic cards, it will make your eyes feel more comfortable while editing some pictures or videos by using this device. It can support your job as well since the screen is really clean.

Best ASUS Laptop for Editing Video and Visual Contents

The Elegant Look in Black

This version has a glossy black appearance. That is why; it looks so elegant and expensive. It is combined with the silver color in its keyboard part. You can proudly bring this one to your office or university. Don’t worry since this laptop is affordable. 

The Unique Asus Vivobook Flip TP301UJ

Asus is a manufacturer of gadgets and other electronic devices that never disappoint its consumers. This Taiwanese brand is really tough in almost all fields. It is because Asus is always meticulous and does not mess around in providing its products.

They always want to faithfully answer customers’ needs, the Asus Vivobook Flip “TP301UJ” Notebook is the example. Although included in the notebook lineup, the company claims that its product is perfect for any activity. It is included for video editing. 

Meanwhile, the price of Asus Vivobook Flip TP301UJ is quite expensive. However, everything is in line with the quality that it gives. You will able to edit your video easily and comfortably. Below is the further detail of this device.

The Solid and Perfect Body

The Asus Vivobook Flip TP301UJ comes with a 13.3-inch screen that weighs 1.7 kg that stays comfortable to carry anywhere. Moreover, this device is 10% thinner than the previous series with a thickness of only 19.9 mm. It can be your perfect partner.

The body is wrapped in a charming metal material that gives a beautiful and stylish impression. This Vivobook Flip TP301UJ is stunning, solidly designed, and sturdy, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. With multi-gear metal, this notebook gives you the freedom to use as desired.

Complete Connectivity for Every Need

Although the price of Vivobook Flip TP301UJ is quite expensive the connectivity provided is quite complete. Among them, there is a USB Type-C port for the installation of other devices so it is easier, there is one more interesting thing about this notebook.

It has the USB 3.1 Gen 1 port that makes a large data transfer process lasts less than 2 seconds. For maximum compatibility, there is one standard USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, as well as an HDMI port to connect with other devices.

Best ASUS Laptop for Editing Video and Visual Contents

Quick Touch Response

On the other hand, this Vivobook flip is designed to give you a quick response to every touch. It has the stunning look as well. The company has strengthened the sensitivity of touchscreen technology on its screens. That is amazing.

In addition, to make it easier for notebooks to connect with an internet connection, a wireless 802.11 Wifi feature is provided. Its Wifi feature allows you to get a better, stronger online experience, and a stable signal. The transfer speed is 3 times faster.

The Conventional or Flip Type?

One of the strongest differences between these two laptops is the type as there are two types available, one is conventional and another is flip. Actually, the X55QA-BX101T has good features for editing video. It is recommended and best for you who have a limited budget.

That is not too expensive but has the amazing look at the same time. On the other side, the Vivobook Flip will be good if you need advanced support. Its flip design makes it is easier to be brought everywhere. It also has complete features.

However, you need to prepare more money to buy this flip type. Don’t worry since everything will be in line with the quality that this notebook will give. So, the best Asus Laptop above is basically great to support your video editing.

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