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Accelerice, a Startup to Develop MSME F&B Business

Accelerice, a Startup to Develop MSME F&B Business

Strengthening the food sector is needed for the future, one of which is that the Covid-19 pandemic also threatens food availability in the world. Therefore, the Accelerice Indonesia Startup created by the millennial generation is here to help especially Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players in the food and beverage sector (food and beverage).

Foodtech Specialist for Accelerice Indonesia, Anzala Adli Mandrian said, Accelerice is here to empower and grow the businesses of MSMEs in the food and beverage sector. In the future, Accelerice will focus on being a food innovation and knowledge hub.

“Regarding innovation in the field of food and technology in the field of food, we also want to help scaling up in that field too,” said Adli in the Food Heroes Day webinar, Saturday (31/10/2020).

Accelerice, a Startup to Develop MSME F&B Business

Adli added, at the beginning of Accelerice’s establishment, it also experienced challenges, where many people were not familiar with the startup’s business model. “When people hear about our company, we still have to explain what our role is, the challenge is to introduce the concept of accelerice,” he said.

He acknowledged that many people praised after knowing firsthand what Accelerice’s business model is with the concept of empowering and growing the businesses of MSMEs in the food-beverage sector and to become a food innovation and knowledge hub.

“If the public’s response is back, many people are still confused about what accelerice is, but on the one hand, for people who have come to accelerice and see what we are doing, many say ‘wow this is really cool’, this Accelerice because the concept is new there are still many people who the first time when it came, many said it was cool,” he said.

Supports Food Heroes Day

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) appealed to the public to buy food from small businesses, to respect farmers, fishermen, and ranchers who produce food and shop wisely and eat healthy food. FAO also assessed that in the current situation besides having to share with each other.

The society also needs to pay attention to and respect those who are at the forefront of providing food during a pandemic. To appreciate the food heroes who have worked hard to provide food in the homes of urban communities. FAO and MNC Trijaya held “Food Heroes Day” on October, 31st.

Accelerice, a Startup to Develop MSME F&B Business

FAO National Communication Advisor, Siska Widyawati said this Food Heroes Day was held to appreciate the work of food heroes as well as to commemorate World Food Day 2020 and FAO’s 75th Anniversary.

According to Siska, food heroes are all around us, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, drivers, market sellers and all people throughout the food chain including food movers and community agriculture in urban communities. They encourage community resilience in producing, distributing and consuming food in line with environmental sustainability.

“Heroic acts in food include simple actions that can be taken by everyone. For example doing things as simple as appreciating food, buying local products, farming around the house and avoiding wasting food. Food Heroes Day is held to inspire people to become food heroes too,” said Siska.

Supporting Indonesian Culinary Industry Innovation

Accelerice, Indonesia’s first food accelerator, officially launched a food innovation and knowledge hub. Located in the Kuningan area, Jakarta, Accelerice is expected to encourage the growth of the food startup and culinary industry in the country.

Accelerice, a Startup to Develop MSME F&B Business

Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) Accelerice, Charlotte Kowara, said, Accelerice has a mission to support the growth of the culinary business. He also emphasized that the products produced must be affordable, easy to obtain, and nutritious.

The name Accelerice is a combination of the words “accelerator” and “rice”, which are Indonesia’s staple foods. Accelerice food innovation and knowledge hub cover a four-story building with a total area of ​​1,300 square meters.