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The Advanced Game Console Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The Advanced Game Console Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Talking about the advanced game console is always interesting. However, choosing the best one is a little bit tricky. It is relative since everything is based on your needs and taste. However, some brands seem to stand out in the market right now.

The most popular brand, no doubt again, is PlayStation. It has various series which come with amazing updates and features. It must become number 1 on your list. However, you should know that it has a strong competitor as well.

It is called the Xbox One. The factory is really serious to compete with PlayStation in this case. It is especially for the PlayStation 4. So, which item that you should choose? To make a smart decision, make sure you read the comparison below.

The Advanced Game Console Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The Expensive but Sophisticated PlayStation 4

You cannot deny that the PlayStation 4 is quite expensive. However, it is in line with the quality that it is given. You need to consider buying this thing to get the best experience of gaming, the interesting thing is that the price of this item is quite cheap.

It is especially if you compare it to the other game console products that have sophisticated technology. Besides, this item is also easy to find; you could buy them from the online or even conventional store. Make sure that they are original.

However, it is recommended to know about its detailed feature before buying one unit. Knowing the features will make you are easier to suit it with the needs and budgets. Below is the essential information about PlayStation 4 that you should know.

Two Different Variants Advanced Game Console

This console comes with two different variants. Those are the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. The features are almost the same, but there are some differences as well. The Pro type has a strong pro to know. 

It is the resolution support where it reaches the 4K qualities. The slim version is sold at a cheaper price. It can be the best option for you who have a limited budget because the features are quite good to give the best experience of playing the game.

The Advanced Game Console Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Tons of Game Options

This console has so many different games; digital or physical. The prices of those games are also varied. Usually, it depends on the genre. The good thing about this PlayStation 4 is that they have several exclusive games to play.

Those options are unable to be played on other consoles. The examples are like the Persona 5 game, the last of us, uncharted series, bloodborne, Marvel’s Spiderman, and many more again. That is why; PlayStation 4 is so popular right now. 

The PlayStation 4 Plus Feature

This console has the PlayStation plus feature. It means that you enjoy that thing by pay the yearly membership. You don’t have to be worried since the membership is not that expensive because with this cost, there are so many facilities you can get.

Members will able to play the online and free game, online storage, exclusive offers per month, discount, etc, it means that you will have a lot of stocks to play. The daily digital game discount is also interesting. It will save more money.

The XBOX One and Its Technology

Xbox One comes as a strong competitor. It has a lot of fans in this world. It is reasonable since there are so many good things brought by this device. In addition, the physical performance that they bring is also great with two different color options.

Those are the black and white colors. Both are looked attractive and you can choose based on your liking. There are two different variants available. Those variants are the Xbox One S and One X. They have different specs.

You must gain more information about the specs that they brought. The information can be gotten from various different sources online or not. Below are the reasons why this console must be on your list. Check this out.

Variants and the Features

In fact, the two variants owned by Xbox one comes with the 4K qualities. However, the One X series is more modern and sophisticated. It can be seen from the processor and power aspect. The X series is also more expensive than the S variant. 

Just like PlayStation 4, this advanced game console has a lot of high-quality games. Those games are always updated and are the new ones. You could find out more about these after purchasing it. Most of the games are really interesting with the different genres.

The Advanced Game Console Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The Exclusive Game Options

The exclusive games are also available. Those are like the Forza series, Halo 5: Guardians, and Sunset Overdrive. However, you cannot deny that the amount is not as much as the PlayStation offered. It can be one of your considerations. 

However, Xbox one has the strength which is better than other consoles. It is compatible. It means that you could play games from the past or older consoles. The example is from the Xbox 360. The paid Xbox Live Gold feature is also available. 

The Choice is Yours

From the explanation above it is clear that those two consoles have their own strength and weakness. The PlayStation 4 comes with a more expensive price, but they have more games to play and several great features as well. It is more popular too.

That is why; some people feel that they will be proud when buying this device, on the other side, Xbox one is more affordable. It has the amazing compatibility that the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have. However, Xbox comes with less amount of games.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy more than one consoles, however, you should know that it is in line with your budget. Make sure that you have considered everything and don’t forget to always treat the console properly so that it can be used for a long period of time.

Both of these gadgets offer a paid feature where you could enjoy several advanced services. These ones make you are able to play several online games and get an interesting discount. So, these advanced game console products are both amazing.

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