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Recommended iPhone Series in 2020, SE or the XR?

Recommended iPhone Series in 2020, SE or the XR?

Many people are curious about what the recommended iPhone series this year is. You know that this brand gets so famous lately. It brings a lot of good things, especially for the security system. It looks so elegant and expensive at the same time.

Apple always comes with the best technologies. That is why; these products are equipped with the 2/3/4 GB RAM. It is for sure different than the Android smartphone that usually comes with the bigger RAM. There is a reason for this case.

iPhone comes with a more efficient operating system. That is why; a lot of people prefer to use this phone than others. How about this year’s series? There are some stunning options such as the iPhone SE and XR. Below is the information.

The Absolutely Amazing Recommended Iphone Series

This product has not been launched in several countries yet, however, there are some signs that it will be introduced soon, so fans are eagerly awaiting it. Usually, you can get the official confirmation from the Apple official website in that country. Do you remember this SE type?

In the past, this series is made for those who were looking for a cheap iPhone product. This year, that variant is coming again. It has an interesting physical appearance and sophisticated technology inside, it is maybe the best option for you.

The Similar Body likes iPhone 8

When you looked at the body, it looks quite similar to the iPhone 8 type. The interesting thing is that it has different specs, the specs itself are quite the same as the 11 series. You could imagine that it has the fastest chipset owned by Apple.

That chipset is called the A13 Bionic. Basically, the weight of this smartphone is around 148 grams. The screen size is 4.4 inches. It uses the IOS 13 operating system and supported by the Retina IPS LCD. What an amazing product to have.

 It Is Also Equipped with Great Cameras

The cameras of this recommended iPhone are also one of the best. The back one has a 12 MP size with FoV wide and f/1.8. However, this device doesn’t have a micro SD slot. However, it is equipped with several different internal memories to choose from.

Those internal memories are 64, 128, and 256 GB. It is for sure that the bigger internal memories product is offered at a higher price too. Make sure that you choose based on your need and also the budget, and it is more recommended because it will suit your needs.

Meanwhile, the front camera has a size of 7MP size and the GPU equipped is the Hexa Core one. If you love black, this thing can be the right option. It has the black color option which is looked so elegant and classy at the same time.

The Modern XR Series

The next product which is recommended is the XR type, it comes in 6 different colors which you can choose based on your liking. Those are yellow, blue, black, red, white, and some others again. It looks so amazing and modern.

The good thing about this device is that it is using a newer processor, it means that you can get a better experience of doing any mobile or digital activities with this tool. In some sectors, this XR is also more powerful than other options.

That is why; this recommended iPhone series is also recommended for young people and also adults, it looks so strong and the fact it is so durable as well. Before buying one, it is better to know the specs brought by this device. Here is the information.

The Newer Processor in the Industry

This iPhone XR comes with a new processor. That one is called the Apple A12. This processor lets you do the data processing and other multitasking activities. Everything can be done faster and smoothly. The battery equipped is so strong. 

The battery used is the one with 2942 mAh capacity. It is stronger than the iPhone 8 had. This battery is also completed with the 15 W fast charging technologies. It means that you could operate this device longer than the 8 series

The Bezel-Less Screen Type

This XR type comes with other pros. One of them is its bezel-less screen. Besides, it also comes with a bigger body, so that you can enjoy the wider performance. Thanks to the thin bezel bring by this series which makes it is looked modern.

The ratio of its screen to its body is almost 79%. The weight of this type is around 148 grams with 4.7 inches size for the screen. The resolution is for about 750 x 1334 pixels. The chipset used is the Apple A11 Bionic (10 nm). 

The Camera and Its Resolution

It cannot be denied that a camera is a must-have feature of a smartphone. It can support the photography need or capture some special moments. This XR has the front and back cameras with different resolutions. Everything is great. 

The front one is 7 MP with a TOF 3D feature. Meanwhile, the back one is 12 MP with several interesting features. It can help you to produce a clear picture of the high-quality one. The video recording is also available in 2160 pixels.

Which One is Better?

It is hard to answer this question. It is for sure that each product made by Apple has its own uniqueness and features. However, most of them come with the best updates and features. It is known that the iPhone always comes with the latest technology.

It seems that the XR is quite recommended for young people. It is because they are completed with some attractive colors. Besides, the price is also cheaper than the SE one. Meanwhile, the SE is suitable for you who love all modern things.

SE is also recommended for an executive who always use gadgets to support their job. It is because SE is completed with the quickest A 13 Bionic chipset. So, the choice is yours. These recommended iPhone series bring different tastes.

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