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What Mobile Gaming Devices are Better; Asus or Lenovo

What Mobile Gaming Devices are Better; Asus or Lenovo

It is for sure that mobile gaming is the future game industry that you can enjoy. It is the undeniable fact. There are so many developers are now concerning to reach the mobile device. That is why; the smartphone is now developed really great.

They are not only having good performance, but also the high specs. The aim is for sure to conquer many games, including the heavy ones. It is not the new thing again that nowadays you can buy any type of smartphone in the market.

What Mobile Gaming Devices are Better; Asus or Lenovo

However, not all cell phones are recommended for playing games. They need the right specs to make you are more comfortable when doing this fun activity. The specs are varied from the screen size, engine, feature, and many more again.

The good thing is that there are some brands which are quite popular in the market and the first one is for sure Asus with its ROG series. Besides, Lenovo also comes with several amazing features and high-specs. Which one is better?

The Brand New Asus ROG Phone 3

ROG stands for the Republic of Gamers, it is actually the sub-brand of ASUS which focuses on gaming products. Through this brand, ASUS offers a lot of new innovations. Those are cross-device such as a smartphone, laptops, etc.

In the market, you can see that so many sellers recommend this series. It is reasonable since it comes with so many great things. One of the most stunning ones is the ASUS ROG Phone 3. Many people agree that it is one of the best in the market.

It becomes the first mobile gaming that comes with the newest Chipset from Qualcomm, it is the Snapdragon 865+. The Specs are also admirable. It is beyond your expectations. Here are the reasons why this ROG type is a must-have thing for gamers.

Wide Amoled Screen with High Resolution

The screen part comes with the AMOLED type. The size is around 8.59 inches. It has an FHD+ resolution and 144 Hz for the refresh rate. It means that your eyes will feel so comfortable when seeing the screen. How about the battery?

The battery is quite big. It is the 6000 mAh one. Since it was released, ASUS ROG PHONE 3 becomes the best option in the market, it defeats the Oppo Find X2 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10, and many other flagship phones in the market.

Various RAM Sizes of Mobile Gaming Are Available

Since it is a mobile device, RAM becomes one of the most important things. The good news is that it comes with several options due to the RAM sizes, those are the 8, 12, and 16 GB. Choose the 16 GB if you love to play the heavy game. 

The company completes it with triple back cameras as well, the resolutions are 5, 13, and 64 MP. The front camera is also good enough, it comes with a resolution of 24 MP which can satisfy the users. It means that it could support the photography or selfie need as well.

What Mobile Gaming Devices are Better; Asus or Lenovo

Lenovo Legion as the Strong Competitor

Although Asus is considered as one of the best phones for playing the game, it doesn’t mean that there are not many competitors. One of the strongest is for sure the Lenovo Legion. This brand comes with breathtaking specs and features to try.

The Republic of Gamer is strongly related to Asus. To compete with that thing, Lenovo comes with their Legion product series. It is the first time that the company tries to reach this gaming industry, before, it is so famous for its PC and Laptop products.

It cannot be denied that Legion is a newbie in this industry. However, it is able to be a strong completion for the older players. Those are like the Black Shark series and ROG phone for sure. It can be seen from the details and features bring by Legion.

It Comes With the Newest Chipset Too

The Lenovo Legion has the same chipset just like what Asus brings. That is the Snapdragon 865+ chipset. That is exactly the same just like what the Asus ROG Phone 3 brings. How about the battery? It is an important part of playing a game.

Legion has a 5000 mAh battery. It may look standard, but it has more skill for you. It is able to do 90W fast charging for a 16/512 GB model. It is truly the sophisticated power in its class. You can charge the phone quickly after having fun.

Clean Screen Appearance With Pop-Up Camera

The Lenovo Legion pro is also known as the Legion Duel. It comes with a clean screen appearance since it doesn’t have the common front camera. The camera or front lens is equipped with the newest motor pop-up system.

The design is also interesting. It doesn’t have too many bezels. 240Hz touch sampling is also completed there. All of those features are beyond the expectation. It can bring an impressive playing experience every time you want to. 

What Mobile Gaming Devices are Better; Asus or Lenovo

Camera and RAM for Storage Need

Sometimes maybe you need to use the camera. Don’t worry since this Legion has the front and back camera. The front resolution is 24 MP with a moto pop-up system. Meanwhile, the back cameras are dual ones with 24 and 16 MP.

How about the RAM? It seems that the company has considered anything. The RAM versions are varied. Those are the 8, 12, and 16 GB. You could choose based on your need and kinds of games which are loved.

So, which to choose then?

Those two brands are like the leader right now, they come with their own uniqueness and pros. ASUS comes with a lot of variants that may suit your needs. Those are like the Strix, ROG phone II, and many more again.

That brand comes with a more expensive price. However, it is in line with the quality offered. Meanwhile, Lenovo Legion is a fresh newbie. The price is cheaper. They also have high specifications such as the same chipset as the ASUS ROG Phone 3 mobile gaming had.

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