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JD.ID Follows Shopee to Adopt AR Technology for Beauty Products

JD.ID Follows Shopee to Adopt AR Technology for Beauty Products

The E-commerce company, JD.ID launched the AR Make-up Try-On feature that allows users to try beauty products on the app. This augmented reality (AR) technology-based service has also been adopted by Shopee on its platform last year.

Through this feature, JD.ID consumers can virtually try lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, face powder, and blush. After that, customers can take selfies and save the results on their smartphones (smartphones).

JD.ID Follows Shopee to Adopt AR Technology for Beauty Products

The company collaborates with several beauty brands, ready to provide these AR-based features. The company is targeting more corporations to partner in the future. The beauty brands include several local brands and international brands.

“Through the ‘AR Make-up Try-On’ feature, we strive to simplify the shopping process for customers and offer new experiences in buying beauty products online,” said JD.ID Head of Beauty Retail Liana Heryono quoted in a press release, Tuesday (27 / 10).

Other E-commerce Platforms Have Already Released the Same Feature

In July 2019, Shopee implemented AR technology for beauty products called BeautyCam. Items that can be tried out virtually include L’Oréal, Maybelline, and NYX. Alibaba first adopted AR and virtual reality (VR) during the 11.11 2016 shopping party.

AR technology was presented again at a similar shopping festival in 2017. A year later, the Chinese company introduced a feature to try out beauty products virtually. In the same year, Alibaba presented a technology-based mirror that allowed consumers to virtually try on the clothes they wanted to buy.

After that, Alibaba implemented more technology. During the corona pandemic, for example, this company made by Jack Ma used drones or drones and made a cloud computing-based logistics robot to send orders.

JD.ID Follows Shopee to Adopt AR Technology for Beauty Products

Its competitor, JD.Com, also uses drones and robots to send orders during the COVID-19 morning. In the United States (US), Amazon has also implemented a cashier-free store, namely Amazon Go, since early 2018.

Users only need to scan the application on a cellphone, so that all items purchased will be recorded and the cost is immediately calculated. Payments are also made automatically.

AR and VR Technology is Predicted to Become a Trend in the Long Term

Nasdaq estimates that technologies such as AR and VR, social commerce, and drone delivery will be a trend in the long term. “This narrows the gap in online shopping directly,” he was quoted as saying, last Monday (26/10). Moreover, the use of e-commerce services has increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

Indonesian consumers spending time on e-commerce platforms increased by 70% during February-June, according to AppsFlyer’s report. Bain & Company and Facebook estimate that the value of online shopping transactions in Indonesia is nearly US$ 72 billion or around IDR 1,047.6 trillion in 2025. This figure is a jump compared to the initial projection of US$ 48 billion.

JD.ID Follows Shopee to Adopt AR Technology for Beauty Products

JD.ID Has Previously Launched an Insurance Product with Allianz

Previously, JD.ID, through one of its business units, JD Life together with Allianz Utama Indonesia, released a Return Shipment Protection insurance product. This insurance guarantees the shipping costs charged to the customer. This latest service is available for 5,500 product choices on the JD.ID e-commerce platform to date.

So that if customers want to return ordered products, they no longer need to pay additional fees. Customers only need to pay a fee of IDR 2,000 per item of the ordered product, and then get a guaranteed fee of up to IDR 250,000 per product order returned (maximum limit), in the form of reimbursement.

Through this collaboration, Allianz Utama wants to expand the coverage of insurance coverage and strengthen our commitment to provide comprehensive products that are able to provide peace of mind, especially in these challenging times.