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5 Tricks of Managing Coworking Space Jogja Properly

5 Tricks of Managing Coworking Space Jogja Properly

Just like in other cities, coworking space Jogja is now increasingly popular. Nowadays when working remotely more and more applied by startups to technology companies, making public places such as cafes to coworking space becomes the target for entrepreneurs and workers. It is more affordable.

Besides being supported by complete facilities, coworking space can also be an ideal place for networking, meeting with communities and of course, working in strategic locations with a time limit that can be determined by you. It has a great environment as a place to work. 

5 Tricks of Managing Coworking Space Jogja Properly

Of the many co-working spaces currently several big cities, most of them are dominated by startups and entrepreneurs who are building startups. Their limited finances and the convenience facilities available make coworking space as the ideal place for new startups to run their businesses.

In terms of profit, coworking space seems constrained enough to make a profit. They can get it from daily operational needs and costs such as rent and building maintenance, WIFI, electricity, and more. 

Important Things to Manage Coworking Space Jogja

Below are some tricks to manage a profitable coworking space business:

1. Find Funding from venture capital

Funding is very important for starting a business, including for coworking space. This funding can come from you personally or from other sources. The funds obtained can also be used when trying to build this business or in the middle of business activities.

The first step that can be done to build a profitable coworking space is to create a modern workspace. In addition, you also have to make a comfortable facility with an attractive design. All of these things can be realized with sufficient funding for your coworking space. 

The best way is to get funding from VC or venture capital. After funding is obtained, make sure you have a plan, strategy, and roadmap that is solid enough. It will make the money that has been used is not wasted without a fixed profit.

5 Tricks of Managing Coworking Space Jogja Properly

2. Increase margins

Another way that can be done so that coworking space can get more profit is to add some paid supporting facilities required by members. For example, adding a coffee shop and food court inside a coworking space that you run. It can be so profitable.

As you know, besides working, the coworking space users also need a break. Quite often they are lazy to get out of coworking space to buy food, drinks, or just sit back and relax. It is because of some reasons such as the far location and more.   

You must be keen to see this opportunity. You should complement your coworking space with these facilities. Besides being able to facilitate users, facilities like this will also bring benefits to you. Besides that, adding some other facilities can be also beneficial.

The examples are like the services to extend work visas to legal teams that are usually needed by startups in the early days. If you have this facility, your coworking space will be chosen by many users. It will make users get more than one service at the same time.

3. Offer your coworking space to well-known technology companies

At the present time, there are already many well-known technology companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google that have employees in all over the world. They have offices in several countries to make their services are easier to reach by the clients there.

Usually, the office they set up is not too big. All will be adjusted according to how a country’s people respond to their services. However, not infrequently they may lack the space to run a business. If it is the condition, you can grab this profitable chance.

Offer your coworking space to the technology company. You can offer to accommodate their employees who are usually only in small quantities. Say that they can use your coworking space to work every day. Offer a special price too which is more affordable than the normal one.

It will make the company can be more loyal and sustainable using your coworking space. Besides the price, of course, you also have to prepare complete facilities. It is highly recommended so that later staff can work optimally. Don’t forget to ask them about the tools needed.

4. The Non-Profit Coworking Space

Another way that can be done is to make coworking space a non-profit business. Even if you don’t get any benefits from this step, this is actually a good way to promote a business. In this way, there will be more people aware of your coworking space. 

In addition, it will be easier if later you need cooperation from the government for certain purposes. The example if you want to make a social event and more. It can be more easily done by making coworking space part of urban infrastructure or buildings. 

Like a library that can be used by everyone without having to pay, coworking space can also be a part of it and managed by the public or city government. So, everyone can use coworking space within a certain time. It is based on an agreement.

5 Tricks of Managing Coworking Space Jogja Properly

5. Let People Try the Other Coworking Space

It is maybe a little bit weird, but you can ask other coworking space providers to do it. All of you can make an agreement to promote other providers’ coworking space. The purpose of this action is to let people try the different nuances of it.

It means that users will be not bored because of the same office environment every day. In addition, it is also a wise action to promote the local coworking space business. It is, especially in Jogja. Can you get any profits from this activity?

The answer is for sure yes. You will have more chance to get the new members in certain periods. In order to make you are not losing the members, it is recommended to do some tricks. One of them is by designing your coworking space. 

The unique, interesting, and complete interior design is the key. People will still want to use your coworking space although they have tried the other ones. That is why; you need to consider making the best coworking space Jogja starting from now.

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