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5 Tips in Using the Coworking Space Surabaya Service

5 Tips in Using the Coworking Space Surabaya Service

Among the startup businesses, coworking space Surabaya is currently quite popular. The rental system is so easy where users can rent daily, monthly, or even yearly. The price is very affordable for a startup that is just starting his business. The price is also varied.

A Coworking space service also offers an environment that supports startups to develop. As you already know, coworking space users are in an open room and use work facilities that are provided together. The examples are like the work desks, dispensers, power outlets, lockers, and so forth.

 Coworking space users are also able to move around a lot because they don’t always use the same table. Even though you don’t have a private room, it is still able to maximize the daily use of coworking space. It will support your business.

5 Tips in Using the Coworking Space Surabaya Service

Things Should Pay Attention at Coworking Space Surabaya

You have to do several actions to make a coworking space becomes the more comfortable place to work. Here are 5 tips so you can maximize the use of coworking space in Surabaya and elsewhere. You need to consider and even try these tips.

 1. Bring your own cable roll

Electric socket is certainly always provided in sufficient quantities in each coworking space. But, cable rollers are usually difficult to find. Although every coworking space provider is obliged to provide cable rollers, sometimes because of the crowds of users who come, you will run out.

If you might come too late, the cable roller could be run out and used by others. Of course, it will make your work a little hampered. It is especially if you have to use several gadgets or electronic equipment at the same time.

Bringing your own cable rollers will facilitate work activities and save time. You can also always carry your roller wires if you are about to move tables. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about your roller wires being used by other people.

5 Tips in Using the Coworking Space Surabaya Service

2. Bring Your Own Drinking Water Bottle

You definitely need to drink while working in a coworking space, whether it’s water, coffee, or tea. However, you will be tired and finally lazy to move if you have to pace the glass. Try to bring your own drinking bottle. By doing this way you can take enough to drink. 

It is a simple and smart solution since you do not need to walk often to drink. It is really efficient to save more time. If the coworking space where you work has a café, bringing your own drinking bottles will also make it easier. 

You can order your favorite drinks and fill them in bottles. On the other hand, using your own drinking bottle is also highly recommended in the era of the COVID-19 virus pandemic just like this. It is safer and also cleaner too.

3. Use a Headset 

Using a headset (not earphones) will help you concentrate more. You don’t need to listen to a song when using it. This headset is used to ward off the noises from your surroundings. It is because sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on coworking space.

You know that coworking space fulls of many people who pass by and talk. Headsets are very important especially if you have to make phone calls with your business partners. By using a headset, you will more clearly hear what the other person is saying. 

That is why; always bring a headset when you want to go to coworking space. After doing your job, this headset will be useful too. It is because sometimes you want to hear your favorite song after work or in the middle of doing a job.

It will make you feel more relax. A headset can help you to play a game comfortably too. You can hear the sound really well. In addition, the noise will be not heard by other people near you. You will not disturb them while they are doing their job.

5 Tips in Using the Coworking Space Surabaya Service

4. Socialize with staff

Many coworking space providers are also being hired as seminars and workshops with a variety of themes. Therefore, the provider usually also has staff who will serve customers well. There’s nothing wrong with always being friendly and getting to know them.

If you often socialize or chat with nearby staff, there are many benefits to be had. For example, you will get a lot of information about what events will be held. Other information is about partner discounts or even monthly promos can also be found. 

It is very beneficial. You can get ready for events that might benefit a business that is run. Sometimes events created in a coworking space can benefit your business. If you can find out earlier than others, of course, it will be easier to make preparations.

5. Socialize with your fellow coworkers

Do not be shy. Greet people who work next to you is recommended. Who knows that they are maybe the prospective co-founders or CEO candidates for your company? Most coworking space users are employees, founders, co-founders of startup CEOs. They are a knowledgeable businessman.

It means that fellow users can be your partner to exchange ideas and advice to one another. At the end, not a few of the coworking space users who collaborated to build the company. So, indeed you should be a friendly person every day. 

If you don’t dare to start a communication, just greet them every day with a smile. In addition to opening new business opportunities, having lots of friends in coworking space will also make you more comfortable at work. Most coworking space users are friendly people. 

They also have the same opinion that establishing networking, including in coworking space, is important. Therefore, there is no need to feel awkward to make friends with them. Just try it and you are able to make a great friendship with them.

Coworking space is a really beneficial location to do your work. The environment there is so supportive to do certain business needs. Choose the right coworking space for you. Don’t forget to utilize the coworking space Surabaya facilities maximally.

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